James Gandolfini
James Gandolfini
James Gandolfini.

Funny James Gandolfini

James Gandolfini

Funny James Gandolfini Caricature

James Gandolfini Caricature
Member reactions:
Nice caricature.... its clean and cool good one
Thank you very much.'s My first caricature.
Thank you friends, very happy with fifth place.
Awesome caricature. Love the photo realism

Funny James Gandolfini on Fire

James Gandolfini on Fire
Member reactions:
Good firey background. RIP on the bullet for the Don is lovely

Funny Last Beer for James Gandolfini

Last Beer for James Gandolfini
Member reactions:
James would probably like to be remembered like that. Congrats on the bronze, Wanderer.

Funny Young James Gandolfini Makes and Explosion

Young James Gandolfini Makes and Explosion
Member reactions:
Great job done in putting the blast behind and well illuminated chop with a beer bottle getting itself blast

Funny James Gandolfini and The Family

James Gandolfini and The Family
Member reactions:
Very well done... like the noodles slip and the crime scene situation for James is really good RIP
Wild stuff. Congrats on the wood, HoHouse.

Funny James Gandolfini the Green Monster

James Gandolfini the Green Monster
Member reactions:
Like the concept of Mr. Green looks funny

Funny James Gandolfini Knocking On Heaven's Door

James Gandolfini Knocking On Heaven's Door
Member reactions:
Well illuminated chop with an angle for him to support in Heaven Great job done and like the caricature awesome
Congrats,on the Gold....gugulanul.Well done...
Thank you nepaguy59,Wanderer and pcrdds ... ...

Funny James Gandolfini the Clown

James Gandolfini the Clown

Funny Remembering James Gandolfini

Remembering James Gandolfini
"Sporanos" star James Gandolfini died from a heart attack on June 19, while he was on vacation in Italy. Coming from an Italian family Gandolfini was a natural fit for the role of Tony Soprano - a mafia boss trying to balance his family and business. James kept saying that all mafia boss characters have to be fat, so he stopped exercising to keep his weight for the role. James was acting in the New York theater in the 90s before getting roles in movies. His first breakthrough role was "Virgil the Hitman" in True Romance (1993). Ever since, James always wanted to play the bad characters. In real life, though, James was a cheerful, funny kind of guy - more fit to be a stand up comedian than a mafia boss, his friends recall. RIP James, you will be missed. To pay tributes top James Gandolfini, photoshop him any way you wish.

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