Dancing Gandhi
Dancing Gandhi
Dancing Gandhi. news story India orders apology for video of Gandhi dancing

Funny Gandhi GAP

Gandhi GAP

Funny The Gandhi

The Gandhi
. Member reactions:
A strong believer of Non-Violence and Peace... Never got Noble Peace prize for his service.... good work in Portraiting him
Fabolous work Nice to see his picture Thanks Hidden very well done

Funny Gandhi Gandalf

Gandhi Gandalf

Funny Cool Gandhi Glasses

Cool Gandhi Glasses

Funny Conan O'Brien as Gandhi

Conan O'Brien as Gandhi
. Member reactions:
It's scary how fitting this actually looks...nice work.
Interesting. Glasses may need some shadows though

Funny Mahatma Gandhi at Woodstock 1969

Mahatma Gandhi at Woodstock 1969

Funny Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi
Sonia Gandhi, an Indian parliamentarian and the leader of the Congress Party saying "Hey, I heard the news on my mobile - we won.". Member reactions:
And look, my ipod matches my outfit. : -->)

Funny Gandhi

The picture may not be real, but the quote at the bottom is.. Member reactions:
might have looked cleaner with the gun in his hand

Funny Gandhi Lancers

Gandhi Lancers
As a devout pacifist, Gandhi was never particularly good at motivating his troops in times of war. He preferred to forget his lighthearted "Walk Like An Egyptian" routine that he performed, in his underwear, for the Gurkha Lancers in 1918 in an effort to prepare them for battle.. Member reactions:
That's hilarious, "walk like an egyption" Good job.

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