Gandalf With Easter Bunny Ears
Gandalf With Easter Bunny Ears
Gandalf With Easter Bunny Ears. Happy Easter everyone ^^
Member reactions:
Lighting is absolutely fine Luciano. When you get your lighting right then you can tell others about theirs.
thanks all, i will do better next time..

Funny Gandalf The Cat

Gandalf The Cat
ended up looking like a skyrim character
Member reactions:
Looks awesome with white beard and a pipe

Funny Hillary Clinton as Gandalf

Hillary Clinton as Gandalf

Funny Willie Nelson as Gandalf

Willie Nelson as Gandalf

Funny Gandalf Money

Gandalf Money
Member reactions:
pretty nice match up, but what happened to the thumb.
Love the match up--Leonardo and Gandalph. And glad you know more about Italian money than some Italians.
Winner all the way Awesome match of the pic to the Gandaif Lovely work.... perfect merge so clean and crisp
Mind blowing.. Hobbit must get interest of it

Funny Orangutan Gandalf

Orangutan Gandalf
Member reactions:
Wunderbar. I love how you did even the monkey dark hand. I think it'd look even cooler in color, but hey it's still top job

Funny Gandalf & Saruman - The Two Toes

Gandalf & Saruman - The Two Toes
Member reactions:
Excellent. The big nosed magicians are classic.

Funny Gandalf Upside Down

Gandalf  Upside Down

Funny Ghandi Gandalf

Ghandi Gandalf
Member reactions:
Would also be nice to see this in color but black and white even gives some special vintage feel to it.

Funny George Carlin as Gandalf

George Carlin as Gandalf

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