Planet game
Planet game
Planet game. Planet Game
Member reactions:
The look at the photographer (.) instead at the basket
Awesome idea, Putin's face tone need some balancing
Nice concept and I like how you presented the audience

Funny Homer games

Homer games
Member reactions:
My fav, Man on fire and real hunger game is on. very nice and expressive chop

Funny FN Will Have Its Own Game Show

FN Will Have Its Own Game Show
And, Ryan Seacrest will be the host. The "unknown" FN-er has facial parts from 4 different FN "choppers."
Member reactions:
This FNer is good at multitasking - he can do 2-3 chops at once, hahaha.
I see you recognized yourself, PSM. How about you, D-Man.
He got multiple personalities coming to him at regular intervals... I can see some of DMan into his (Mustache) Good one
Ambitious.... Looks like an excellent melding

Funny The Hunger Games Effie Trinket

The Hunger Games Effie Trinket
Member reactions:
Clean poster work. Great to see you back, fotofantaz.
Really strong chop, I like your work. quite surprised it didn't cup. ...There's always the next one.

Funny NSA Gaming Surveillance

NSA Gaming Surveillance
NSA Spying On Virtual Worlds, Online Games
Member reactions:
freaking hilarious, but such news are sad
Freaking hysterical. Love the NSA "little agent"
So cool collection of all category games.... I am so mad about this
And Minecraft too, I'm sure. Great entry.

Funny Game Day

Game Day
When I saw the bear I kept singing Dave Van Ronk's version of Teddy Bears Picnic.

Funny One more game? No, game is over!

One more game? No, game is over!
Steve Ballmer Last Day at Microsoft.
Member reactions:
Thank you, Paul. A lot of excellent pictures are in the contest.
Classic and worth watching this Game show
Thank you, Balodiya. Thank you, EricNorthend. Thank you, Silvercanine.
Thank you, PixJockey. CNGRZ = Congrats, It's Crazy.
Thank you, Paul. Thank you, Armatien. Thank you, IcyAllEyeCan.
Thank you, Hitspinner. Thank you, Silvercanine.
This is clever and hilarious. Congrats on the bronze, Andrew.

Funny Old Red Neck Game

Old Red Neck Game
Member reactions:
Yeeeeee haahaahhahaaahhahaa you mean. Fun chop.
Decent chop, but I wish the image was larger

Funny Game of Thrones - The Winner!

Game of Thrones - The Winner!

Funny Edward Snowden Monopoly Game

Edward Snowden Monopoly Game
Snowden Seeks Asylum In 20 Nations
Member reactions:
lot of sources used and good idea of putting this board game for snowden He now goes to Venezuela
Great for the master of opoly. Good one Gee.
In spite of my high marks it still didn't cup. Rob, this is freaking excellent and a crazy amount of work. 7.75 ain't too shabby though. So a lot of voters aren't just stuck in voting on character, toonish, bobblehead/ stretched-face chops. Well, come to think of it you have a friggin bobblehead in this chop I am confused. Are we back to liking graphic driven chops or not. Hahahahahaahahahahaha Great job man
You should E-market game ideas. Nice work.

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