Vladimir Puting at Sochi Post-Olympic Games
Vladimir Puting at Sochi Post-Olympic Games
Vladimir Puting at Sochi Post-Olympic Games. Member reactions:
Lot of things. A bit difficult to understand the concept. Good execution anyway.
Excellent transformation of the source and great political chop here

Funny Germany 1 Argentina 0 in Foosball Game

Germany 1 Argentina 0 in Foosball Game
A game of two popes: Vatican plays down talk of World Cup rivalry

Funny Grayman Senior Playstation Game

Grayman Senior Playstation Game

Funny Geriatric Computer War Game

Geriatric Computer War Game
Member reactions:
HA. Old Soldiers never die-they just fade away.
Thank you, thank you. Added photo to helmet "from Mary, 1944" and older feet.
Actual freaking image ,They are Powerful old soldiers don't fight with them

Funny Ian McKellen Old Man PS4 Game

Ian McKellen Old Man PS4 Game
Sir Ian McKellen PS4 Farcry 4 Source
Member reactions:
Great looking chop, hidden ... Great caricature work, and nice use of sharpness/blur contrast to separate the foreground figures from the background ... and I love what you've done with the type as well. My only nitpick would be the positioning of his right foot... it seems a tad askew.
I tried to make his foot up in a cartoonish way ,, like the blast blew it up Ill see what I can do to fix it QT
Thanks for listing the source, man it is a nice one. Great gamer site for references. I didn't even know about it. Thanks. Great use, sweet job.
Brilliant work overall. The right hand seems in awkward position in respect to the body. Also the legs use a different contrast and brightness levels from the head and the arms - would be better to level them
silvercane thats funny that was my first logo I made then at the last min I changed it..
Ha, ha, ha, wonderful caricature, another masterpiece.
Congrats, Preemiememe and thank you for MASTERPIECE.
Congrats Pree, great jobgold
Thanks guys.... I need to thank my son Ian for telling me about this game....

Funny Grandpa Theft Auto Game

Grandpa Theft Auto Game

Funny Geriatric Hitman Playstation Game

Geriatric Hitman Playstation Game

Funny Frog Playing a Game on a Phone

Frog Playing a Game on a Phone
Member reactions:
Very freaking clever, and looks like a real photo too. Hats off.
Congrats on the bronze 420. You are on a roll.
Thank you for voting & thank you for the comments
Congrats on Bronze, ItsHere. The perfect game for a frog, great job.
Hahaha I'd play that Great job, congrats

Funny Jay Carney the Game Show Host

Jay Carney the Game Show Host
Member reactions:
Compliments for "Pick of the Day", Nice Job.

Funny Monsters Ball Game

Monsters Ball Game
I love creating monsters (I authored and illustrated a children's book about them) and so this was gobs of fun to do.

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