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Funny Gaming Pictures

Member reactions:

beautiful and original style... i like very much my friend, beautiful
Nice face with glow shiny skin ... Playing war games threatening the whole world Games Kim Play
Somebody pee on his shoes and put the fire out in his Brain. What a putz. Nice work.
Good Thinking Nice to see the Rocket flying from the hand Creative idea
robbbbbbertino mio hai cambiato stile... non avrei mai immaginato che questa fantastica caricatura fosse tua... meritava di essere premiata ti voglio bene amico mio... un abbraccione forte forte................ (sempre etero) hihihihi PS: HA UNO STILE MOLTO PARTICOLARE... MOLTO DIVERSA DALLE SOLITE CARICATURE CHE SIAMO ABITUATI A VEDERE
Fantastic Idea and Caricature Technique.... Very Well Done PixJockey...

playing their gamesFunny playing their games
Member reactions:

Excellent caricature and nice smooth work with good reflection of glow on their skin Obama looks awesome playing with Monkey and drinking Rum
Great Job Robin, Bronze Cup Congrats. The tear was the perfect touch
Bronze Congrats robin nicely composed
thanks everyone....wasnt too sure if this one was going to do well or not

Games EndFunny Games End
Member reactions:
Sources Stock at: Inadesign
I wonder if the blind guy knows he doesn't have a picture in that frame.
Thanks for the comment Gummy. I'm sure the seeing eye dog he's holding would have told him that the frame is empty.
Awesome job done nice wall putty with a lamp giving a glow to it and the Empty frame indicates emptiness in his life good job done
Thanks for all the great comments Gummy, Steve, Rajesh, Suni, Eric, PsMandrake, And Thanks to all that voted. ~~
Very creative and allegorical. Congrats on the wood too, SS.
Thank you very much, Paul, geriatric and N-Master. -->~~
Bettman's Legacy - Dreams Of The GameFunny Bettman's Legacy - Dreams Of The Game
Member reactions:

Ken Danby - At The Crease - 1972
yes, look up Ken Danby. might help if you're Canadian...
Great one Lovely shades behind with a colorful bricks and Jason Helmet suits better to the keeper

Live action video game!Funny Live action video game!
Member reactions:

Genius thought, very well executed. I can see her blood everywhere its real GAME
In reality shows everything which were shown were not actually real but this image cannot come under that category Its a freaky show of blood and sharp weapons... Well done like the blood spill work...

The card gameFunny The card game
Member reactions:

A Horrific incident... a un-natural events happening... great mix of scary events in this chop Well done with this makeover and the Crow looks stunning there
Ohh this is cool great thrilling scenery with the suspense of the picture she is looking at

 Strategy Games Funny Strategy Games
Member reactions:

Israelis fear PM is meddling in US politics
A narrow lead for Obama in the Exit Polls will lead a new ideas for Israel PM to favour Romney for the political benefits good chop in showing this both look like Good Boys doing great things
Of course he's meddling - he's covering his bases come November. Nice idea and nice chop.
Both of them looks very cute nice touchy work done
innocent kids with Freaky faces this is great strategy of yours hidden ..Awesome entry
Great job not sure if you photoshopped the foreground reeds separate from the bodies, but great work if you did, and great added effect either way.
Great chop all around, and the hats (with the signs on them) are hysterical.

Obama Blame Game Has Been Stopped...... Funny Obama Blame Game Has Been Stopped......
Member reactions:

Very well presented in a new channel.... like Obama and his acts over the Television.

Olympic Games Opening Last Rehearsal (Queen's backup)Funny Olympic Games Opening Last Rehearsal (Queen's backup)
Member reactions:

funny to see the queen stunt on that parachute
HA HA LIKE IT Getting ready for the olympic nice idea
Congrats on the Wood, Wanderer ... Nice job.

Member reactions:

good placement of the ball and the eyes of the boy and the ball were aligned together good one

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