Princess Beatrice Next to Virgin Galactic Crash
Princess Beatrice Next to Virgin Galactic Crash
Princess Beatrice Next to Virgin Galactic Crash. Princess Beatrice Gives Up Her Virgin Galactic Dream

Funny Sir Richard Branson Speaks About Galactic Crash

Sir Richard Branson Speaks About Galactic Crash
We mourn the loss too Branson Speaks
Member reactions:
Great chop based on noteworthy news. They will try again for sure.
Yeah, I was very sad to hear the news, especially that one of the astronauts died. But that is what we do, we pick ourselves up and do it better next time. Thanks NM.
Crocodile tears. The show must go on (and business too)
Silver congrats, Tim. Love how you made Branson cry here.
Thanks Newsey, Doc, Elegary, Luciano and Eric. Well I guess another year behind in the privatizing of space travel is no biggie to me. I ain't on the flight list anyway But I sure would like to see it become normal stuff within my lifetime.
Congrats Tim. Nice work and good topic picked, but tragic...2 steps forward and 1 step back.

Funny Galactic Insanity

Galactic Insanity
Member reactions:
Wild, weird, and wacky stuff nice work.
Thanks Qtmoonshop,love the Johnny Carson/Dana Carvy/snl quotes
Thanks balodiya and newsmaster
Awesome creative world and a perfect work done by a master of art. like the beast eye and fingers
Thanks everybody,getting this wood trophy means so much to me.I have been chasing the elusive trophies for some time now.Its hard to achieve,with such talented and amazing choppers on FN.This is such an amazing site,with the greatest photoshoppers on the web.I feel honored to share the company, of every single talented member here on FN.Love you guys and gals
Super composition... This chop is at A+++ level. Congrats
Congrats on the Wood andwhat I love a chop where there's lots of interesting things to look at P.S. The 3 w's remark was purely Carson.
Sweet. I was hoping this chop would reel in a trophy.
Thanks Qtr and Slapshot
Freak Show is always extremely intimidating... so many awesome entries every week. This chop is freaking fantastic. Congratulations. It takes courage to enter... and you got a trophy.

Funny Galactic Reposed Woman

Galactic Reposed Woman
Member reactions:
I was having posting trouble, please remove the smaller as it double posted.

Funny Darth Vader Performing on Galactic Idol

Darth Vader Performing on Galactic Idol
What if American Idol went to galaxies....FAR FAR AWAY.
Member reactions:
Very creative concept. The table on the right seems to be vertically cut with the layer. Singing Vader in the background is the best part. Hilarious - Jar Jar is not the strictest judge. Can you hear him saying "Dreadful"..

Funny Galactic Tsunami

Galactic Tsunami
For all Carl Sagan fans.

Funny Lucasfilms Galactic Credits

Lucasfilms Galactic Credits
please view full outside the box tried to make it paperlike
Member reactions:
Good work, but maybe more like a poster than a banknote, IMO.
Love the work, but would love it to look more like currency.

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