FN Selfie Gal
FN Selfie Gal
FN Selfie Gal. Member reactions:
Pin-ups, what can you say; this is brilliantly done. My top pick just for the novelty and a few superb technical points. The pinky adding support under the fhone is a nice touch and capturing the clean and crispness of the 50s pin-up art is perfect..
Hitman said it all. Also love the FN logo.

Funny Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

Funny Vintage Gas Gal

Vintage Gas Gal
Going for max realism here
Member reactions:
This looks like an actual color photo and not colorized.
Thanks Crafty--Just what I was going for.
Awesome job with all correct colors, pumps Gas Gal uniform and '42 Ford. Congrats on the max gold, LunaC.
Really nice work on this, looks real,Congrats on the win.
Max realism achieved. Looks great. Congrats.

Funny Gal Gadot the female Jane Bond

Gal Gadot the female Jane Bond

Funny Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Funny Betty White the Senile School Gal with a Gun

Betty White the Senile School Gal with a Gun
Finally, a New Brand of Female Action Star No, not you Betty, we're talking about "Gina Carano" . Betty White turns 90: What are her secrets to longevity. Full View PLEASE
Member reactions:
I'm trying to think out of the box but i keep wondering why you put Betty White in this piece ,when the whole article was about Gina Carano . Great work on the caricature i must say .....
I totally agree with Chili about Betty White...and great work, too.
heres a link,, http://www.latimes.com/health/boostershots/la-heb-betty-white-longevity-20120119,0,7295281.story.track=rss
Thanks everyone, and a special TY to pree for the link I hope you like it better.
..... , it still baffles me . I must me to old for this . All Pree posted was a site of Betty White with a photo of her. Please explain someone or i am going to go nuts here ....
No need to go nuts Chili, it's only Photoshop . Originally, I thought it might be funny to have the image of Betty as the "new action star", instead of Gina Carano, not taking the article so literally ... Now it's just a statement on the fact that she stays so young at 90. I will ask Newsy to look at it, and decide whether it should be moved to the Freak Show...
Cool ... This explains alot now . You should of written that when you submitted this entry . I understand now . Thx Hidden ...
Good job with the caricature, and very funny with multiple smoke effects on both cigar and gun... Both were dangerous to health ha ha ha ha ha
I forgot to mention , Betty has some nice legs for an old gal , ... Again i say awesome chop all the way Hidden ...
Congrats Qtr. Great lights and shadows and Betty looks awesome
Great work qt. didn't look like yours. A lot of that lately.
Congrads, always late to the party and all the good comments are taken again, so lets me say Fan-tastic, or I'm a Fan. Great stuff,
Just waking up in Holland & saw you won , Congrats on the gold Qtr
I just got back to home base myself, Chili and a belated MANY THANKS to you and everyone for your votes and great comments. ... I hope I didn't stretch the rules too much, and if I did, and I offended anyone, I apologize Best Regards - QTRMOONSHOP

Funny Good Gals

Good Gals

Funny Betty White Oktoberfest Gal

Betty White Oktoberfest Gal
Member reactions:
For the 200th Anniversary, I wanted to find someone who was there from the start.
Hahahahahaha great chop. And ditto on the photo real And roaring Chip Mc Farlane "For the 200th Anniversary, I wanted to find someone who was there from the start. "

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