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Funny Gaga Pictures

Member reactions:

Cool, first time ever I see in this classy costume, thanks to hidden
Thought it was the winner. She is so popular and this is so well done..

2014 Year Of The Horse With Lady GagaFunny 2014 Year Of The Horse With Lady Gaga
Member reactions:

2013 was year of the 2014 arrives, the year of the horse beckons...
Excellent artwork,good composition and blending. I took me some time to find the subject of the contest
Great work... well illuminated and artistic imaginary put into this chop well done

Paper GaGa DressFunny Paper GaGa Dress
Member reactions:

It looks like she is holding all the waste newspapers
This was one of my favorites in the contest... Great Job...

Lady Gaga CyrusFunny Lady Gaga Cyrus
Member reactions:

Sweet Reminds me of Marilyn Manson too.

Capturing Lady GagaFunny Capturing Lady Gaga
Member reactions:

Lady GagaFunny Lady Gaga
Member reactions:

She is spraying magic on the views of her pic so beautiful

Planet GagaFunny Planet Gaga
Member reactions:

Gaga Dreams Image Source 1 Source 2 Source 3 Source 4 Source 5
Good Clean and neat job done nice background, good caricature
thanks for your wonderful comments Baloydia.
Thanks Eric. and Thank You Suni.......
Great job on this, Splat I thought at first that it was QueerAngel, and then I noticed no watermark and wondered whose it might be
Thanks QMS. This was sort of a late hour whim....I don't know where it came from. But it turned out nice. Thought I might remain anonymous this time by disabling my source credits...but....somehow they have magically reappeared.
Very clean and original work, SS. P.S. I fixed the links for you
Thank you N-Master. P.S. I figured so..
CONGRATS anyway: GREAT scene, it's my fav in this contest
Thank you PixJockey. Your comment is my real award. As are all the great comments above.

Lady Gaga Doesn't Read SignsFunny Lady Gaga Doesn't Read Signs
Member reactions:

Lady gaga with funny croc dress.. and the Fake fish concept is really hilarious want to see what will happen if we feed fake fish
very Interesting concept Nice and clean
Crazy lady gala with Crocks Hmmm that too with Fake fish
Yep, seems like sound policy to me. Funny stuff

Lady Snake GagaFunny Lady Snake Gaga
Member reactions:

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta Lady Gaga Veiw Full Size and pucker up, she wants a kiss. Source Images
OMG, I'm not about to kiss her. She might stick her tongue out while,,, never mind.
Thanks Suni. Gummy, it's not the tounge you need to worry about. She bites.
Great snake texture applied on her.... Love the yellow dress and the facial expression... Its a freaking look of a Snake Lady
Perfect makeup its different Gaga must try this sometime
Real nice work the tongue might have been a nice touch high marks nonetheless.
Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful comments and votes.

Lady GaGaFunny Lady GaGa
Member reactions:

It's just another one of her stunts, hahaha.

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