Lady Gaga Sings Duets With Tony Bennett
Lady Gaga Sings Duets With Tony Bennett
Lady Gaga Sings Duets With Tony Bennett. Lady Gaga teams up with Tony Bennett to record an album of Jazz duets. Member reactions:
Nice job, hidden ... What, Tony wears a toupee. (Lol) Although, Gaga is 5' 1 and Tony is 5' 7 ... Those must be about 18" heels she's wearing.
You've got that right, QMS. Only YOU would look up their respective heights. .
Thanks, hidden ... I'll take that as a compliment on my attention to detail P.S. Sorry for the delayed response, I was waiting to see if you were going to edit your response again
Excellent costume worn... Gaga looks like creating a new Saga Funny to see the table used by Bennett to match up her height
Excellent Nice wings. Smart thinking. Well done
Hair could be pasted with waterproof Bandage just a suggestion Best way to equalizer the height and sound with wooden cartoon and mic Awesome work I Love It
Great idea about the box - Tom Cruise could have used one too. I like the taped toupee too

Funny Gaga Dancer

Gaga Dancer

Funny Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga
. Member reactions:
Thought this one was the winner. Excellent job
Was my pick Favorite. Great chop Lu.


. Member reactions:
Cool, first time ever I see in this classy costume, thanks to hidden
Thought it was the winner. She is so popular and this is so well done..

Funny 2014 Year Of The Horse With Lady Gaga

2014 Year Of The Horse With Lady Gaga
2013 was year of the 2014 arrives, the year of the horse beckons.... Member reactions:
Excellent artwork,good composition and blending. I tookme some time to find the subject of the contest
Great work... well illuminated and artistic imaginary put into this chop well done

Funny Paper GaGa Dress

Paper GaGa Dress
. Member reactions:
It looks like she is holding all the waste newspapers
This was one of my favorites in the contest... Great Job...

Funny Lady Gaga Cyrus

Lady Gaga Cyrus
. Member reactions:
Sweet Reminds me of Marilyn Manson too.

Funny Capturing Lady Gaga

Capturing Lady Gaga

Funny Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga
. Member reactions:
She is spraying magic on the views of her pic so beautiful

Funny Planet Gaga

Planet Gaga
Gaga DreamsImage Source 1 Source 2 Source 3 Source 4 Source 5. Member reactions:
Good Clean and neat job done nice background, good caricature
thanks for your wonderful comments Baloydia.
Thanks Eric. and Thank You Suni.......
Great job on this, Splat I thought at first that it was QueerAngel, and then I noticed no watermark and wondered whose it might be
Thanks QMS. This was sort of a late hour whim....I don't know where it came from. But it turned out nice.Thought I might remain anonymous this time by disabling my source credits...but....somehow they have magically reappeared.
Very clean and original work, SS.P.S. I fixed the links for you
Thank you N-Master. P.S. I figured so..
CONGRATS anyway: GREAT scene, it's my fav in this contest
Thank you PixJockey. Your comment is my real award. As are all the great comments above.

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