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Funny Gadget Pictures

Electronic Gadget Pocket KnifeFunny Electronic Gadget Pocket Knife
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James Bond Gadget PenFunny James Bond Gadget Pen
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GadgetFunny Gadget
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For the man that has everything.

Nano Immune Cell GadgetFunny Nano Immune Cell Gadget
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Your immune system integrated with the new Intel Itanium 8 wet-wired nanochips... ... bugs don't stand a chance. {please view full)
Nicely done. Great integration between organic / electronic

Nano Blood GadgetFunny Nano Blood Gadget
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Here shown under high intensity electron microscope, and color corrected, is a nano-jet aided white blood cell being hastened to an area of disturbance.

Gadget Helmet DaschleFunny Gadget Helmet Daschle
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Works against space alien mind waves too.

Spying GadgetFunny Spying Gadget
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I've got my eye on you.

Bill Gates GadgetFunny Bill Gates Gadget
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Bill Gates shows what he thinks Hackers look like.
"Bill proudly displays his first self-portrait".

Gadget FishFunny Gadget Fish
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Collin Catfish, CIA WEAPON, Shown here swimming almost un-noticed in the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean...

Gadget ToothbrushFunny Gadget Toothbrush
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The Agency Asked for extra funds for mass marketing to make these brushes into a household item.
These look like Redneck Toothbrushes Why would you wanna spy on a Redneck.

Spy GadgetsFunny Spy Gadgets - Spy scandal between the US and Russia (yet again!) - Russian FSB (former KGB) agents have stopped and detained US diplomat Ryan Fogle in what they claim was "a red-handed attempt to recruit a Russian intelligence agent". Fogle had several spy gadgets, a "recruiting letter", 100,000 EUR cash on him, and was wearing a wig to hide his identity - when he (allegedly) was about to meet the Russian agent to recruit him to work for the CIA. Being a US diplomat, Fogle has a diplomatic immunity, so the Russian authorities had to release him back to the US Embassy in Moscow and demanded his extradition from Russia, claiming that Fogle is an undercover CIA agent. "Spy games" between the US and Russia have never stopped, even 20 years after the cold war was over. Last year 11 Russians were expelled from the US for spying. All of them were long time citizens of the US, and allegedly, had been previously spy-trained in Russia and "sent" to the US. Take any object and turn it into a spy device / gadget.

X-Ray GadgetsFunny X-Ray Gadgets - November 8, 1895 is the date when Wilhelm Röntgen discovered the effects of X-rays. This year is the X-Rays 115th anniversary, and Google celebrated it with a special Doodle. The logo was composed of an X-ray of several bones and some other objects forming the letters. Röntgen dedicated much of his further life to investigating the mysterious phenomenon he discovered, which he appropriately named X-rays (still called Röntgens in many parts of the world), and in 1901 was awarded the first Nobel Prize in Physics. To celebrate the 115th anniversary of the X-Rays discovery, create some X-ray gadgets (e.g. X-Ray glasses) and show how they can be used (on celebrities, animals, objects). Many thanks to Kellie for the contest concept.

GadgetsFunny Gadgets - In this contest you are asked to create images of your idea of the top gadget. The rules? The devices have to be original, never before seen, and sure, they should even have the ineffable quality called the "cool factor."

James Bond GadgetsFunny James Bond Gadgets - Create James Bond type of gadgets that you would like 007 to use in the future. Gadgets could include weapons, security items, spy devices, etc.

GadgetFunny Gadget - What new gadget or device can you think of that haven't been thought of before that might make life easier. Think of anything that might be used in the home (for pets, in the kitchen, etc), at work or while driving a car.

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