Gaddafi's Death a War Crime
Gaddafi's Death a War Crime
Gaddafi's Death a War Crime. Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s death may be a war crime: ICC. Member reactions:
Mr. Paul, thanks...... I'm glad you like it ..........thanks geriatric....
Nice shot...
Impressive work. Though a bit too bloody
newsmaster thank you very much. I agree with you.looks really .......
Very well done, and I agree with Newsy on both accounts
thank you very much qtrmoonshop, pcrdds, when finished to me made ​​an impression. ihhihii
Congrats on the Wood PSM . . . emphasis on "impressive work"
qtrmoonshopI am happy for you friend, you remind me of me when I was twenty years, always very happy and full of enthusiasm.
Cool chop Mandrak.. Thats' one less nut case to worry about in this world...There's no war crime (in my opinion) to get a raging lunatic out of power, even though they might have used less than ethical means to get him out.Congrats.
FW teacher thank you very much. I do not know if it is a war crime, I know it's right that he has done this end, and was a cruel man, and has never done anything good, just working on the oil, I personally live a few miles from Sigonella, based American in Sicily, when it happened because I did several interviews, Sicilian soldiers who work in the base,and the strange thing is, why an American helicopter approached. and warned the rebels. with a esposione, and then went away, leaving in their hands, and an incredible mystery for the soldiers interviewed.

Funny Gaddafi with his Store of Viagra

Gaddafi with his Store of Viagra
Gaddafi used lots of ViagraHe also had an obsession for Condoleeza Rice.

Funny Silvio Berlusconi and Dead Gaddafi

Silvio Berlusconi and Dead Gaddafi
Silvio went to see an old friend for a job.... Member reactions:

Funny Gaddafi the Silvio Berlusconi House Maid

Gaddafi the Silvio Berlusconi House Maid
Berlusconi always told me: Muammar you're like a brother to me, you can come to my house whenever you want you're the master of my house ... Come ... Come ... I believed him, but when I came here I did make a housemaid... makes me clean his junk and then I'm eating always the pizza with the heads of pigs...And then when called on Sarkozy to feel a headache ... maybe it's his presence .......... Member reactions:
sorry guys if i posted this work late ... but i had to work the last few days ... however, even if it is in the right contest i hope you enjoy it anyway ...
Great work & obviously a lot of source pics
So much work and so very well done. Great job.
disasterman thanks my friend, is really a very nice job in every detail ... i worked almost 3 days ... when you want to do a good job you treat him in the details ... and never be fast.
hy paul my friend your compliments, i appreciate so much
. And there is so much going on. Really impressive.
.... molto buono amico. anche io ho pensato che l'amico avrebbe trovato rifugio da Silvio, la mia paura adesso e fondata. non lo pesato solo io hAHAhha, secondo me stanno progettando , un bottino Craxi ihiiiihih, ormai e a le strette, Tarantini sta per parlare, e dire tutto. chiaramente, lui di del processo a napoli, al suo solito se ne fregato, spero che la magistratura lo rinchiuda per sempre , non i carcere normale, preferirei a gli Uffizi. li ci sono molto giocattoli ihihihi... . very good friend. I also thought that the friend would find refuge from Silvio, my fear now and founded. not just me hAHAhha weighed, I think they are planning a booty ihiiiihih Craxi,now and in the narrow, Tarantini is about to speak, and say it all. clearly, he of the process in Naples, as usual do not care, I hope that the judiciary him locked up forever, not the normal prison, I would prefer to the Uffizi. they are very ihihihi toys. )
thank you also ganmerlad... i'm glad you like my work
ciao mandrake... sono felice che la mia storia su gaddafi e berlusconi ti abbia divertito tanto, non è certo una cosa impossibile che gaddafi prenda berlusconi come suo ultimo aiuto... ma silvio se ne frega di lui.... hehehehehe.....--------------------------------------hello ... mandrake i am happy that my story on gaddafi berlusconi and you have all the fun, not some one thing that can not take gaddafi berlusconi as his last help ... silvio but he cares .... hehehehehe .....
very very many thanks macwithfries... yes my work is always full of fun special, i like very enrich my work with a lot of small things.
thaaaaank you blacK
Oh boy, freaking hysterical.Just look at those faces, hahaha.
... thaaaaaaaaaaaank you newsmaster... i am happy to have you enjoyed with my work. i am committed to do the work completely new and different than before ... more incisive, whit more satire and a biting technique ... i hope my new work will like to all american friends of freakingnews.bye newsmaster
Hahahah cool work .. awesome and funny faces here
lavenderdarwin, hehehehehe ..... cleaning is a big thing that berlusconi lost from behind ....
tiredtom, thank you so much ... in fact, i tried to make very expressive for good to understand all the scene.
yeha... designerkratos thank you... very very funny faces in this my work
So much wonderfulness all at once. Most Excellent with a capital "E" . . .
qtrmoonshop... i sincerely thank ... you're really very kind...

Funny Gaddafi Trying to Escape Libya Dressed as a Woman

Gaddafi Trying to Escape Libya Dressed as a Woman
Libya fighting rages in Bani Walid and Sirte source . Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze, b4b.Great political satire here

Funny Gaddafi Dressed as a Dancer in Las Vegas

Gaddafi Dressed as a Dancer in Las Vegas
. Member reactions:
Two pretties. Good one, Paul.

Funny Gaddafi At Kardashian Wedding

Gaddafi At Kardashian Wedding
With friends like Mubarek and Assad, Gaddafi doesn't need any enemies.

Funny Gaddafi on a Deserted Island

Gaddafi on a Deserted Island
Hope this isn't too raw.. Member reactions:
Oh, the thief. He took the suitcase of the "attic bears". Hahaha.

Funny Old Man Gaddafi

Old Man Gaddafi

Funny Gaddafi in a Tiger Costume

Gaddafi in a Tiger Costume
. Member reactions:
Yeh, clever idea adding him to the Tiger disguise sourceNice wk with the sky.

Funny Where in the World Is Muammar Gaddafi?

Where in the World Is Muammar Gaddafi?
Gaddafi's whereabouts have been unknown for months and most of his entourage have fled or gone into hiding after forces backed by Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC) overran Tripoli on August 23 and seized power. While the ousted leader's spokesman told Reuters that "the leader is in good health, in high morale ... and is in Libya", there are growing rumors that Gaddafi fled Libya weeks ago, otherwise NATO forces and rebels would have found him already. Let's give NATO some clues and show where or how Muammar Gaddafi may be hiding.

Funny Rapper Gaddafi

Rapper Gaddafi
Tuesday evening, Libya's defiant Muammar Gaddafi addressed the country on national television. Speaking angrily, loudly, with eloquent hand gestures he vowed to fight the riots, and asked supporters help him to crush the rebellion. Overwhelmed with his anger and emotions Gaddafi acted and sounded like a rapper in this video. We made a short animation from the video screenshots. Photoshop Muammar Gaddafi as a rapper one way or another. Some examples are: show him performing, place him in da Libyan hood, or design a cover of his next album (what hits will be included there?).

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