Gadaffi Hiding Under Water in Libya
Gadaffi Hiding Under Water in Libya
Gadaffi Hiding Under Water in Libya. They'll never find me here. Search for Gadhafi
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Nicely the passenger in the back of the cab. Looks a lot like Denis Leary, but we know who it really is, don't we.
As long as everybody agrees. The water is brackish water not tropical blue or north atlantic green. He is in the middle of the dessert. There is also no wavy distortion when viewing objects under water from under water or through glass at an aquarium, only when viewing from above through ripples or waves. The wavy movement on background and objects you always see when choppers do an under water scene was created by choppers that don't understand the physics of light reflection and refraction and yes roonma it's a clone jet. If that ruins it.......... so be it cause Im going fishing.
OK Hidden, thnx for the physics. Now, what happens to dollar bills under water. Do they stand up straight or do they sort of flop over. cool chop. hope the water's calm and the fish hungry.
Ha. Pepper............. depends on the current.
Nice work . . . love the whole look and feel . . . It appears that the jet streams are cloned along with the jets, and there are what seems to be un-erased dark fragments in each of them ... just above the gun on the right viewing side of the image, and in the corresponding location on the left . . . they are quite noticeable in Hi-res . . .
Thanks qtrmoonshop. I did fix those at one point but must have arrowed back and accidentally undid it. Good eye.
Mandrake.......... no problem, we just don't agree, no biggie. Thanks rajeshstar.
well done Deaddog. ps. well, you know what Dirty Harry has to say about opinions...

Funny Gadaffi Shrine Signs

Gadaffi Shrine Signs
Does Qaddafi even know how to spell his name. I think not.
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Laughed loud the moment I saw this chop. It's brilliant how you played with his numerous spellings to turn it into Kakapeepee shrine. the guy near toilet paper roll. and even the Camel is doing his "job", .
Congrats on the bronze shrine, Paul. Really a super chop in my book
Thanks for the wonderful comments, Newsy.

Funny Gadaffi's Tent

Gadaffi's Tent
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I suppose this is actually close to reality. Good one

Funny Sherrif Obama Shooting Indian Gadaffi

Sherrif Obama Shooting Indian Gadaffi
the bedouin gaddafi,"the man of the soap bubble", has been set in an ugly situation ....... who knows 'if it can come out whole, without broken bones. poor gaddafi, now after 42 years of dictatorship in the head remain solely soap bubble
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fun, enjoyment or whatever you want to call it, that's what I derive by putting a piece of art together and that's the impact I got when I viewed your work.
i really thought this one would win gold .. full view are fantastic .. , glad it's shows in the top of the contest
You know, since you are so good at caricatures, when are you going to do one of yourself.
Love Obamas expression. Full view is insane. Great work Ricky.

Funny French President Scares Gadaffi with Bombs

French President Scares Gadaffi with Bombs
West pounds Libya with air strikes, Tomahawks
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Freaking hilarious. Love how you used the stock image from the Clown Crossing contest

Funny Gadaffi Tunnels Into Weird Photo Shoot

Gadaffi Tunnels Into Weird Photo Shoot
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Hahaha, like how you added Daffi here. Nice source pattern use
It is a Busby Berkeley tribute to Gaydaffy

Funny Gadaffi On the Moon

Gadaffi On the Moon

Funny Osama Bin Laden with Gadaffi and Ahmadinejad in a Canoe in a Storm

Osama Bin Laden with Gadaffi and Ahmadinejad in a Canoe in a Storm
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Is this where they meet Dorothy and the wicked witch of the west.

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