Futuristic GrandFather Humanoid
Futuristic GrandFather Humanoid
Futuristic GrandFather Humanoid. I think perhaps Genders morph as well as Human DNA .
Member reactions:
Ha. Great Image. IMO viewing the whole of this image at once is the best way to appreciate it. You may just be correct Hidden.
Glad you like the toes,for the record those are not my feet. But. The hands are my sons,molded stretched and decorated with fingernails
Ty pcrdds ,,,,Splat........NewsMaster sir...... wanderer ,, And MsgBob.. What a nice surprise

Funny Futuristic Bicycle

Futuristic Bicycle
Member reactions:
This one is much bigger than the big bike good idea.. lets see... in future

Funny Futuristic Redneck Plane

Futuristic Redneck Plane
Member reactions:
Awesome chop young man, just awesome. did I mention awesome. Congrats...
Thanks pcr,crusader,Taita and funkwood. This one was a lot of fun to do.

Funny Man and Wife in Futuristic Motorbike

Man and Wife in Futuristic Motorbike
matte painting

Funny March Hare in a Futuristic Plane

March Hare in a Futuristic Plane
Please view full Please take a look at the sources
Member reactions:
that's great chop .. awesome use of sources
Outstanding work, not-so-hidden Doesn't he get claustrophobia in there.... - Great use of sources.
amazing work pike .. congrats on the bronze .
goo onya pike..well done on the 3rd place
It's a mad mad world. And it's a great great chop. Congrats on the bronze, to our resident mad-chopper, Pike.
Thanks Newsy and thatks to everyone for the nice comments.

Funny Futuristic Renoir Party

Futuristic Renoir Party
Member reactions:
Freaking awesome I say. You gave this painting a new life.
about the chicken. I JUST went there today. . Congrats.
Silver congrats, Funk. Total eye-feast here.

Funny Monet's Futuristic Self Portrait

Monet's Futuristic Self Portrait
Member reactions:
This Is. a Beauty. Maybe. ...a little more Monet Mashing in the Background.
Yes, my impression is that light circles are a little too perfectly rendered.
Thanks All. This was a difficult one to come up with a good idea, and I agree about the light circles, should've tweaked it a bit more.
Bronze congratulations, funkster. Light circles may look a tad too perfect for a painting, but after all this is a modern creation by Monet

Funny Futuristic Monet Painting

Futuristic Monet Painting
Member reactions:
FYI, Bombardier makes most of what you see in this pic.
I tried to give what you asked for, Thanks

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