The Future?
The Future?
The Future?. Member reactions:
Great Job and there will be some behind bars alright (McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, etc.) via Horowitz and Durham, but not President Trump (Republican Senate).

Funny Future Empress Catherine II of Russia

Future Empress Catherine II of Russia
Member reactions:
Fantastic job working the painting, Denlig. Perfect blending as always.
Beautiful period piece..perfectly blended

Funny Future NJ driver!

Future NJ driver!
Must be or maybe MA.
Member reactions:
Lol, NJ driver and that hair is hilarious.
is it.. sometimes you have to wonnder if that is not the way it is. thanks anywho.

Funny X's Scandals: past, current and future

X's Scandals: past, current and future
Member reactions:
Congrats Wanderer, really a good one, I think Nancy may enjoy it.
Congrats on the Gold (easy winner) and Bronze.
Great piece, clean and funny... Congratulations

Funny Future Foods Inc.

Future Foods Inc.
Member reactions:
Lotta awesome work with sources, Vic. And great combo of Lab Burger meets 50's movie "The Monster that Challenged the World"

Funny Spider-Man is arriving from the future

Spider-Man is arriving from the future
Arnold can be new Spider-Man if landing from the future will be successful again.
Member reactions:
Hahahaha had to be you, Andrew. You have developed a trademark sense of humor in your chops. Thanks for the smile
Picture was on second place all contest until duet from France (two last voters) voted. It happened not at first time when after their voting pictures loosing a lot of points. Why they always voting together and always the last. It is very strange. I never voted for all the time.
I just want to know why smallest score in the contest for this picture came from frenchman.

Funny the future utopia

the future utopia
Member reactions:
Imaginative Work, Robin. Congrats on the Silver Cup.
Congrats, Robinbobin. Man is too big and we cant see more behind him.
Dang nice work RB. Mucho congrats on the silver

Funny What The Future Holds

What The Future Holds
Member reactions:
They are and so am I, but if you met me you wouldn't be able to tell, I don't look like an Alien or anything, I look human like you.
Beasts are beasts, no matter where they are.
Nice run at it, Hobbit. The world seems to be loosing its ability to laugh at itself. Once I realized just about all of it is illusions that are spoon fed to a population long primed to accept the commands from social engineers, I felt like a freed chicken If you take the idiot party lines too seriously I think that leads to bitterness and unhappiness. Chopping is the cure

Funny Dark future

Dark future

Funny Star Wars,Back To The Future Mashup

Star Wars,Back To The Future Mashup

Funny Back to the Future

Back to the Future
Even if you never watched the Back to the Future franchise, there's so much buzz about it today that you likely know that October 21, 2015 is the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to (in BTTF 2 in 1989). So, is the future anywhere like the movie predicted? One thing is made real thanks to Nike - self-lacing Nikes. One pair was sent today to Michael J. Fox. They will sell to the public starting spring 2016. Photoshop anything related to the Back to the Future franchise. Some examples are - design a BTTF sequel, mix it with some other movies, put the BTTF characters in real life, paintings, or other movies. Many thanks to OllieR for the contest suggestion.

Funny Future Humans

Future Humans
British tabloid The Sun says human bodies are evolving more rapidly than centuries ago. Longer life span and hectic life style contribute to people having children later in their lives, and thus passing more accumulated mutations with their DNA to the future generations. The Sun claims some signs of the evolution trends are visible even today - compared to the excavated skeletons of two thousand years ago, the modern human skeletons are not just taller, but show "vertically stretched" proportions compared to the excavations. The Sun predicts that just within the next thousand years our bodies will go through a series of changes such as smaller brain, bigger eyes, shorter intestines, and long arms and fingers - the image quite distant from the modern beauty standards. Photoshop how future humans may (or may not) look.

Funny The Future of Conchita Wurst

The Future of Conchita Wurst
Austrian drag queen Conchita Wurst became the second most famous Austrian since Arnold Schwarzenegger, when "the bearded lady" has won the Eurovision 2014 contest on May 10. As Conchita has been crowned queen of Europe, many people couldn't help asking... what is she really - a bearded lady, a transvestite, or a drag queen? "She" is actually a gay man called Tom Neuwirth, who created the Wurst character to support the LGBT community around the world. When asked how she feels about Putin banning gay propaganda in Russia, and what she would tell him, Wurst replied "I don't know if he's watching Eurovision, but if so, I've made it clear, we're unstoppable". The chosen name "Wurst" means "sausage" in German (which is the official language in Austria). Let's not forget that in 1998 transsexual Dana International won the Eurovision contest with an impressive song. The Eurovision contest is a show after all, where looks and surprises matter as much as songs. Conchita Wurst is set to make millions of Euros from numerous job offers she is getting after her sensational victory. Photoshop what she'll choose to do next - what job offers she may (or may not) accept, what hobbies she may have now, and how she may change her looks. Perhaps even consider showing how Wurst will look in her older years? Themepost image credit: Albin Olsson

Funny Moon Future

Moon Future
Most people can remember the excitement of watching Apollo 11's incredible achievement of landing on the moon. In honor of their achievement, Photoshop what we might see on the moon in the distant future - perhaps in a few hundred or a few thousand years.

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