Napoleon as Futurama
Napoleon as Futurama
Napoleon as Futurama. Hard work and fun. Try to do like Futurama.
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Being a Futurama fan myself I can appreciate this, more so at the good work.
Two for two trophies,Impressive, Welcome to Freaking News
Gracias por los votos y comentarios. Espero tener tiempo para seguir participando con más frecuencia. Disculpen si no me hago entender, ya que no se ingles y todo esto esta traducido con el Traductor de Google. Thanks for the votes and comments. I hope to have time to participate more frequently. Excuse me if I do not understand because they are not English and this is translated by Google Translator.
que fue un gran trabajo congrats en la plata, gran bienvenida a freakingnews that was great work congrats on the silver , big welcome to freakingnews
Niice to see you here TV, congrats, great work.

Funny Futurama Stained Glass Window

Futurama Stained Glass Window
SOURCES USED Not as good as the technical way of stain glassing, but this way i made up, i call it "7 minute staining" its very fast to do for the lazy style chopper and looks okay for custom stain glass i think... Could prolly do it in 3-5 mins but then i cant make a catchy name.
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this was testing, so i got the image/character lead lines too small, will do a better example if any lazy choppers want a tutorial on 7 minute staining
The top one wouldn't be that hard to get the lines to match the image but the bottom one would take hours even with Wacom. You could always desaturate the image and filter it with stamp or something then highlight and expand. Would make the lines bigger but still a lot of work. Glass is the most time consuming thing I have ever tried to do with PS
or, quickly magic wand all the colored bits then select inverse, expand selection a few pixels, and fill black on a new layer
well stop talkin' about it and do it.... get to work children. just kidding. I kinda wish you would though because my next glass was gonna be inset in stone walls just like this. I haven't seen this done here until now. But I am too lazy to do glass much.
Me likes. I wish I could do it so well as fast as you. Hilarious concept too.
thanks for remembering us little people. I have pretty basic software and could use all the help I can get. Nice job.. love me some futurama
I often use PS6 when im too lazy to start my work puter up and my other puter is alrdy on so most of the important stuff is still there, the only real thing i like more in CS's i think is the adjustment options are better for finilizing a piece and color corecting/shade and lighting, its an all over simpler layout for some trial and error work too.... with PS6 i downloaded Adobe Lightroom, find that to be a nice programe for finilizing peices, it also has nice lil options to draw in shading/highlights and the touch up likes.

Funny Real Leela in Futurama

Real Leela in Futurama
An older Leela

Funny Simpsons with Beavis and Butthead and Futurama

Simpsons with Beavis and Butthead and Futurama
Homers new neighbours pop in for tea.

Funny Futurama in The Wizard of Oz

Futurama in The Wizard of Oz
Member reactions:
Bender. good job. Maybe they will do a spoof becuase of you on Futurama

Funny John McCain and Sarah Palin at a Futurama Party

John McCain and Sarah Palin at a Futurama Party
John made his own costume.
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My daughter saw me scrolling through this contest, then she screams "Zoidberg." ya hit the nail on the head with this one

Funny Futurama on Mars

Futurama on Mars

Funny Futurama Suicide Telephone Booth

Futurama Suicide Telephone Booth
Got to love Futurama

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