Ironman Chair Furniture
Ironman Chair Furniture
Ironman Chair Furniture. Member reactions:
We had the exact same idea. So you were first to post... good luck - nice job. I guess great minds do think alike hahaha
very cool chair.. Congratulations Manosart..
Congrats, Manos. Great Idea and Execution.

Funny Retro furniture `Liberté, égalité, fraternité`

Retro furniture `Liberté, égalité, fraternité`
Use Full view or Original
Member reactions:
I could say something rather off color,but I'll behave
Geez Louise.... I don't believe I could nod off in a bed like this. Wild Idea, Andrew.

Funny Ants Carrying Furniture

Ants Carrying Furniture
Member reactions:
So they Robbed the Doll House. or are they giant bugs.
the furniture doesn't fit very well. Maybe try some (a little) blur on it to make it more believable.

Funny Furniture to Light Up Your Life

Furniture to Light Up Your Life
From patio to house, you can throw away your lamps with this unique furniture.
Member reactions:
beautiful imagery, although i think it'll be much nicer if you have a hi-res model
Masking could be more accurate. I like the composition.

Funny Classic Furniture

Classic Furniture
IThe park bench is a familiar and often overlooked design that exists in cities across the world. Typically designed to have mass appeal, and manufactured from materials that can withstand frequent use, constant exposure to the elements and vandalism, these seats provide a valuable but perhaps unrecognized service. As part of a development project aimed at revitalizing Stockholm's Järfälla suburb, 10 leading international designers were invited to create alternative benches for the neighborhood's neglected Kvarnbacken park How are you at designing furniture? Create new furniture that you would like to see. NOTE: DO NOT INCLUDE ANY PEOPLE IN YOUR SUBMISSION. To learn more about this story Visit This Link

Funny Room Furniture

Room Furniture
You are asked to photoshop this image in this Apprentice Contest. We are asking you to redecorate this empty room. You can change this room into any other type room your heart desires. Creativity is the key here. Download the themepost here.

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