Funeral Services Sign
Funeral Services Sign
Funeral Services Sign. Your doctors Straight Man,what an act.
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scripps'-that's funny stuff. lost a few friends to scripps. EXCELLENT WORK.

Funny Strange Funeral

Strange Funeral
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Lord knows I don't understand it, but I like it.

Funny Michael Crichton Funeral

Michael Crichton Funeral
Author Michael Crichton dies, 66
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He will live on in all his works. Such a talent, An MD & author. Farewell Michael Chrichton Rest in peace
I remember reading Jurassic Pk long b4 it was released as a movie, it was such an awesome read. I was shocked to hear this through your contest entry. RIP

Funny Donkey Pulling a Cart with a Coffin at an Iraqi Funeral

Donkey Pulling a Cart with a Coffin at an Iraqi Funeral

Funny UPS Driver Driver Funeral

UPS Driver Driver Funeral
UPS delivery driver dies , Co-worker takes body on final shift and delivers casket to funeral in UPS delivery van. SOURCES
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Good chop based on smart story choice - I saw this one in the news and was wondering if any FNers would do this one.

Funny Car at a Funeral

Car at a Funeral
See full view please.
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too bad it's so small. I am sure it would be great in a larger format.
500 pixels. What can I say. Thanks for your comment though.
i found if i use adobe fireworks to make final jpg,,i get a larger picture for ,,my pixles.. im not sure why,, when i use my photoshop ,,the final product is small..i with i knew the answer , im not sure how to re,,set to default.
Thanks preemiememe. I finally figured it out I think.
You dont have to resize image to 500 pixels. The site will do it for you. Just make it within 250 KB. Quality work, by the way.

Funny Surfer Funeral

Surfer Funeral
Comment please
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So wrong, but so brilliant at the same time Love it.
The best by far, great touch add sand to the ground, and clever reflection over the couffin
Excellent win, Felina, Congratulations on your second gold, you are on a roll.

Funny Funeral Clown

Funeral Clown
Clown Performs at Funerals Please view Full Size--It's a biggun source

Funny Gatorade Funeral

Gatorade Funeral
Gatorade inventor Robert Cade dead at 80

Funny Funeral Advertisement on a Hot Air Balloon

Funeral Advertisement on a Hot Air Balloon
Plz view full

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