Sarah Sanders Southern Fried Chicken
Sarah Sanders Southern Fried Chicken
Sarah Sanders Southern Fried Chicken. We hand pluck every liberal chicken.
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Funny and well done. Did you try to make her skin dark. Top 5.
Hope she is observing good food hygiene while preparing that chicken..nice job

Funny Um Prepares Head Cheese And Finger Fries

Um Prepares Head Cheese And Finger Fries
The Story Fearless Iraqi homemaker, Um Hanadi, has survived seven assassination attempts and is more wanted than the Iraqi Prime Minister

Funny Dragon Frying a Man with Fire

Dragon Frying a Man with Fire
Source Images
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Dragons Provided by: Dimitri Elevit (elevit-stock: at Thanks Dimitri. Thanks, Nisha. I figure a dragon or two will remedy the pirate problem. ☺
pretty spectacular. love the donkey and how it blends into the shades
Thank you very much, Jere. Just avoiding the contact shadow.
Excellent. Thanks for providing your sources too.
underrated for sure. congrats, Splat.liking the reddish hor atmosphere .
Thanks Steve. I believe posting the source images add to the experience all-round. ☺
Thanks, Jere. Absolutely the most vibrant and reddest manip I've ever done. A little crude here and there. But hey...sometimes they take on a life all their own.
Thanks, Gummy. Hey..that beaten Horse is injured but not dead. I believe from here he gets up and kicks that dragon's A55 all over the place.
Congrads on the Bronze Cup, U B doing Good.
Thanks, HH. I try. I'm happy you like it.☺
Red is the color. Me likes a lot. Congrats on the bronze, Splat.
Thanks, Hobbit, Bob, Newys, and Uncle-C. Thanks, everyone for all the great comments and high scores
Flames are fun, huh. Great build...... Cup kudos mate.
Yes, Hits. Flames are fun to monkey around with. ☺

Funny Elvis Making Fries

Elvis Making Fries
"There’s a guy works down the chip shop swears he’s Elvis Just like you swore to me that you’d be true There’s a guy works down the chip shop swears he’s Elvis But he’s a liar and I’m not sure about you" Kirsty MacColl
Member reactions:
Chips are fries in America, I wonder if there are any chip shops there.

Funny McDonalds Russian Freedom Fries

McDonalds Russian Freedom Fries
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According to the Guardian: In Russia, the McDonald's company itself runs all its restaurants, unlike in most other countries where local franchisees run the branches.
Clever propaganda poster chopping here. Thanks for the info - very surprising.

Funny Fried Turkey Gator

Fried Turkey Gator
Member reactions:
Crocko-turkey. Cool

Funny Earth Eggs Frying in a Pan

Earth Eggs Frying in a Pan
Member reactions:
Long time on the table. Not healthy already.

Funny Apple iPan Frying Eggs

Apple iPan Frying Eggs
Member reactions:
Yummy.... device which can cook too ipan wonderful
Thanks Azure and NewsMaster. The iPan is in Beta testing, I'll let you know how it does.

Funny Humpty Dumpty Mitt Romney About to be Fried by Obama

Humpty Dumpty Mitt Romney About to be Fried by Obama
Humpty Romney sits on a wall … Humpty Romney knows not where he falls … all the King's horses, and all the King's men …. know that Obama will be President again … BEST VIEW sources used
Member reactions:
i thought of humpty dumpty too, but didnt go through with it. yours looks awesome.
Thanks AWESOME69, pcrdds, Ricketish, & Chili ... much appreciated.
I hope Omama trips and falls head-first into the pan of frying Goo.
Thank you Guitars1, D-man & Sunshine … geriatric, I hope your dislike for Obama doesn't sway your vote, as it definitely shouldn't …
Great concept and execution....and freaking funny
This is superb job Romney as Humpty is great and the great fall is dragged by the plane (named Obama) is very funny good job really impressed
Thank you JJ-mac, thank you Raj ... truly appreciated.
Lovely work fantastic face merge and nice story work ha ha ha I love it
Excellent Composition and very well executed
No-no sway. I didn't vote for the phoney the first round and won't for the second round.
Congrats, on the Gold.....Billy. Totally awesome picture,my friend. Glad, to see you found some time to submit an entry...and a great one to boot. Bravo.....
Many thanks to everyone … haven't had much time for chopping lately, feels real good to find a chance to sneak one in … I'm real happy you liked it. geriatric … I was referring to your vote on my entry … I'm really not that politically minded, but I feel I'd rather give Obama another 4, than wind up with Mitt Romney as our nation's leader.
Congrats on the Gold Billy & welcome back .....
Very nice chop but, should have been the other wat around, and Obama could be a scrambled egg. Very cute pic tho. Congrats on your win.
Creative and perfect done, gold congrats Qtr

Funny MacDonalds Smoked Fries

MacDonalds Smoked Fries
"Very addictive."
Member reactions:
I actually hv a problem, I like smokin wen eating my fries :/ Original "blend" here
To eat a macfry or smoke that is the question.
Very clever concept, good one see the Mac Fries inside a Cigarette pack well done

Funny Fried Egg

Fried Egg
Photoshop this fried egg image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: integrating this pen with fried egg into some devices, showing other fried things on this pen, showing creative ways to use this fried egg in advertisements, art, putting the pen with the fried egg into some unusual environment. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Davide Guglielmo and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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