Freaky Fruit
Freaky Fruit
Freaky Fruit. Eat it up before it eats you..
Member reactions:
This just proves once again: You are what you eat

Funny Basketball and Soccer Ball in Fruit Bowl

Basketball and Soccer Ball in Fruit Bowl
Member reactions:
Neat I'd try to up contrast on fruit bowl source to bring it up to the b/ball.

Funny Fruit and Vegetable War

Fruit and Vegetable War

Funny Vegetable and Fruit Man

Vegetable and Fruit Man
he's friendly,cute and very edible.

Funny Melon Kiwi Fruit

Melon Kiwi Fruit

Funny Susan Boyle Fruit Cake

Susan Boyle Fruit Cake
Member reactions:
Needs Boyling for a season till it fails (to cook)

Funny Kiwi Fruit Egg

Kiwi Fruit Egg
Member reactions:
PS Glad to see you were author of this and Too Odd.

Funny Giraffe Made of Fruit

Giraffe Made of Fruit
Member reactions:
Hey, how awesome it is. Exceptionally awesome. Such nice blue(berry) eyes.
Silver congratulations to Fruity giraffe and Doxie.

Funny Multi Fruit Pear

Multi Fruit Pear
Member reactions:
I thought this might be #1 this a.m. Congrats on #3. (really clever)
Good one. With all thisDNA and cloning business this chop may not be fantasy

Funny Kiwi Fruit Football

Kiwi Fruit Football

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