When the Sea Freezes Over
When the Sea Freezes Over
When the Sea Freezes Over. Something you can do on a frozen sea

Funny Frozen Fast Food For Polar Bear

Frozen Fast Food For Polar Bear
Member reactions:
I guess he'll be frozen food soon. Good job.

Funny Freezing Fishing

Freezing Fishing
Member reactions:
nice sail and boat

Funny Frozen Fisherman Being Driven Home

Frozen Fisherman Being Driven Home
Member reactions:
i love the color of the block of ice.. nice work.
Thanx Mini, Boulpix, PCRDDS, Pree Disasterman, Deaddog, Diamond.......
Too brilliant for words. But I hope you hear me clapping my hands.
Bing , Bam , another masterpiece Funkwood , Congrats on the Silver bro ...
He doesn't even look like a rapper he he . . . great work on the ice love the coloring and perspective, and the rear view mirror face Silver Congrats.
Congrats Funkster. Simply all around awesome. Is the guy in the mirror random or someone we know.
Congratulations. Keep 'em coming and put your portfolio in order, Dude.
Thanks all. No one in particular in the mirror Ddog, I just liked his expression.

Funny frozen 2012

frozen 2012

Funny Barack Obama Frozen Hope

Barack Obama Frozen Hope
Please view in Hi-Res
Member reactions:
Great pic. Is it a famous winterized painting though.
I guess, Crusader, that it's more a famous poster that's been winterized ...
Thanks crusader, geriatric, rajeshstar, and Nanny . . . much appreciated Sorry it didn't follow instructions exactly . . .
This was truly well done, one of my faves.

Funny Frozen Barack Obama Fishing With Penguins

Frozen Barack Obama Fishing With Penguins
Member reactions:
good job. I didn't think there was any ice left.
Fantastic work, Great idea. Good Luck for you.
Great work . . . What will it take to defrost
Wooden Congrats as well oo0cns0oo . . . solid work
Thank you..

Funny Frozen Kid Being Watched by a Bear

Frozen Kid Being Watched by a Bear
Some Sources that's when you travel in wrong time and wrong way
Member reactions:
thank you blooddiamond
Flawless and Fantastic job done, the expression is too good, all the best
Great job. Hmmmmm...those bear eyes do look familiar. I wonder....
yes i have same those eyes i guess thank you pcrdds ..
Creative and cute composition. Feels like an illustration from some children's book.
i was expecting Gold, But Congrats for silver
thanks all guys for vote and kind comments

Funny Frozen Knight Statue

Frozen Knight Statue
Chose this time extremely. Ice performance., "Image Resource totally free."

Funny Frozen Groundhog

Frozen Groundhog
Member reactions:
Freaking brilliant I say. Love these facial expressions.
Lots of neat details in this one. Excellent.
Silver congrats, miemepreemie. Well done. Lots of great elements here.
thanks Kellie Newsy.. .. pcrdd.... marin..... mac ,, Kratosssss and hii peg nice to see you thanks
Congrats on the silver, Pree. Magnificent win chop, one of your best yet.
It's excellent. my favorite. Congrats on the silver.

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