Putin Competing in the Frozen Dwarf Toss
Putin Competing in the Frozen Dwarf Toss
Putin Competing in the Frozen Dwarf Toss. It looks like they've already given Putin the Gold Medal for this event.
Member reactions:
Like the new avatar of Putin... looks like a baby putin
Love how you did chopped the main in the ice cube - looks real. Super duper work on the shadows too and the background promotions for the Russian vodka and borscht
Very imaginative. Congrats on the trophy.

Funny Frozen Minimalist Movie Poster

Frozen Minimalist Movie Poster
Member reactions:

Funny Al Gore in Frozen Movie

Al Gore in Frozen Movie
It's really cold Al.
Member reactions:
This Looks great Nice cartoon preview Well done
The Artic Vertox was well displayed and the snow ball gushing over that guy and the Rheindeer is overlooking him is very amazing good one
Its a crystal and flawless snow scattered all around nice and clean work

Funny Frozen Piranha Movie

Frozen Piranha Movie
Fun, especially since I was able to find two beautiful girls in bathing suits and fur doing a little ice fishing. Super.
Member reactions:
Great title -3D now Piranha cannot come out until the snow breaks

Funny Frozen Gone With The Wind

Frozen Gone With The Wind

Funny Olympic Torch Delivery Through Frozen Water

Olympic Torch Delivery Through Frozen Water
Member reactions:
Interesting job done Nice to see the ship also
One of the best chops in the contest... looks real.
Bronze for luciano too - double congrats.

Funny Frozen Neanderthal Hugh Laurie

Frozen Neanderthal Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie
Member reactions:
love the effect of the ice cube. brilliant.
Fantastic idea and very well executed smart job done here

Funny Frozen Head of Old Man in Fridge

Frozen Head of Old Man in Fridge
funny how that grumpy ole bat##$%^ looks alot like this grumpy ole bast%^$
Member reactions:
Amazing chop cool stuff all around nice effort
Awesome.... Lots of work done.... great ambiance inside the fridge and 2013 were just lying to come out and they will be after 00:00 Jan 1 2013
Congrats on the gold Robin, I like all the details including the milk box with Pcrdds missing
Gold congrats, robinbobin. Have they found me yet. .
....i sure hope you found yourself...ol...thanks everyone for all your comments

Funny Woman Frozen in Time

Woman Frozen in Time
Member reactions:
Great to use Clock to justify the title well done

Funny Frozen Weapon in the Snow

Frozen Weapon in the Snow
Sources Winter texture by: http://brokenvain-stock.deviantart.com/ Trident png stock by: http://fantasystock.deviantart.com/
Member reactions:
thanks for providing your sources. this looks awesome.
I rarely do not notify the stocks. I think everyone should use such images in photomanips and credit the owners who photographed and made available for our work. I do what I think it is fair. I like to show for people that I made my works and all the images that I used on them. Thank you for your comment.
It's the work of God Magnificent creativity....
Great light work, its nice white and cool work of snow as well

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