The Final Frontier
The Final Frontier
The Final Frontier. Member reactions:
Thank you Hobbit and Gummy. Don't worry Gummy. The Cat will take care of the fish.
Lol the fish bowl very clever Sweet background.

Funny Leonard Nimoy Goes Into The Final Frontier

Leonard Nimoy Goes Into The Final Frontier
Thanks for the memories, Mr. Nimoy.
Member reactions:
The head coming out of the clouds could be better.
Would you like to elaborate, Swashbuckle.
I don't see the elements coming out of the clouds. They look cut and pasted on. in my humble opinion You can do better than this Doc.
I understand what you have done. The clouds are an important part of the image. Not everything has to be spelled out Luciano. The head of Leonard Nemoy is perfectly accurate.
I get it. Less solidity I think is what they are asking for. Well, nobody took that approach in this contest. I think it is a good send off. Cheers
I think it was the best one .I rated it 10 and the only one
I think they were asking for some transparency in the clouds so that body is partially visible. It works well either way
Thanks, Mbcat and Newsy. I did not want to show any of his body, just his head and hand.

Funny Leonard Nimoy Exploring Another Frontier

Leonard Nimoy Exploring Another Frontier
May you live forever in the Book of Life.
Member reactions:
The resolution of elements seems uneven to me.
It is a montage. Fine to have mixed stuff if you are not blending and merging. At least that is what I always thought was the rule.. I see you have included Mark Leonard, Spocks Father. Cool. I had dinner with him a couple of times when he visited Miami for OMNICON convention. Great guy, dry humor and sad to say has also passed.

Funny Space in the Living Room The Final Frontier

Space in the Living Room The Final Frontier
Member reactions:
Looks like more 3D effects good one like the funny cat
Was the spaceship in the original TV image .
Fantastic photoshopping on that source, D.Dog.. Got kitty on the move, with great expression All sorts of goodies, great job.. Congrats zapping the Silver.
This is awesome DD. Lots of interesting elements and I like the levitating objects. Congrats on the silver.
Thanks Funk, everything floats, except Clooney, and the couch... oops.
Wild flight of imagination. Congrats on the silver, DD.

Funny Final Frontier

Final Frontier
On my mark, fire the Mother of all Photons.

Funny Iron Maiden New Frontier

Iron Maiden New Frontier
My favourite band..
Member reactions:
(( Maybe one day I'll be an honest man Up till now I'm doing the best I can )). Da*n, what a nice memories.

Funny Earth the Final Frontier

Earth the Final Frontier

Funny Indian Boy's First Frontier

Indian Boy's First Frontier
Sources Used View Full Much Better

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