Funny Bull Froggy's Restaurant

Bull Froggy's Restaurant
Bull Froggy's - The Place For Legs. This is one of the joke ads I've done in our publication "The Best Of The North Georgia Mountains". it's kind of a parody of Chick-fil-a's advertising "EET More CHIKEN."
Member reactions:
Very funny and very clever... Is their motto, "Get A Leg Up On The Competition."
How about a link to "The Best Of The North Georgia Mountains."
... I wish I would have thought of that. We'll save it for the franchise prospectus. It's It was the Best Of Ellijay, Blue Ridge & Jasper but we just changed the name
Looks real in a parallel universe... Like a lot.
Great magazine, "hidden." And, great article about you in the current issue starting on page 48. Do you do ALL the original artwork for it.
Getting out of my mind seeing this again and again.... EEET more FROG.
Thanks. Yes, It's a small town paper, my wife and I do it all along with a bunch of great columnists we have that write for the paper
All the animals are jumping on the eat more frogs bandwagon. That is some tasty looking frog legs, nice job.
Robb,creative and funny piece of work,Congrats on the bronze
Fine and funny job, Robb. Congrats on the cup
Congrats Robb, amusing and humorous chop.
Insta-classic. Congrats on the bronze, Robb.

Funny Froggy's Favorite Abba Album

Froggy's Favorite Abba Album
Member reactions:
Great pic, but you're required to use the source provided.
Oops, my reading comprehension is a bit off today... Frog is now included, albeit non-integrally.
Pretty cool. I like it but, is that the only instance of the source frog on the guys' clothes.
Owa tagu siam.

Funny Froggy


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