Elephant Frog
Elephant Frog
Elephant Frog. i saw that on jungle i scream
Member reactions:
Well merge of that toad with the elephant head... great to see the texture is perfectly matches to the head.... love this
The New breed is excellent. Good Creative job done

Funny Leap Frog Pole Vaulting

Leap Frog Pole Vaulting
hope you like
Member reactions:
Excellent composition i really like it, see the frog is jumping in an different way
Clever idea. Superb 'shopping - looks real. Congrats on the silver Olympic medal, moya.

Funny Hillary and Frog

Hillary and Frog
Member reactions:
Great blending of the face over the frog it looks too funny ...... its a lovely image with nice reflection beneath
Nice Merge and nice blending Neat and flawless.

Funny Circuit Board Frog

Circuit Board Frog
little abstract

Funny Picnic on a Frog

Picnic on a Frog
just a little something not much.
Member reactions:
Very well merge of Grass over the frog, like the way its shown green Living by nature

Funny Water Frog

Water Frog
took a while
Member reactions:
Well done, nice execution, good work with the water effect
Great technique, wish the size were bigger

Funny Bowling Frog

Bowling Frog
Member reactions:
Great... Frog drinking and storing also near his neck bags. Storing for Hibernation
This is perfect, what an Idea
Very unique and very well done... love it. Congrats..
Congrats deaddog freaking farout way cool idea

Funny Frog Playing Football

Frog Playing Football
Member reactions:
Beautifully done, nice thought of Frog.. Expected some Lipstick work
Eric yes, you are right I missed to put lipstick , Pcr, Laredog thank you so much
I can have my wicked smile again , Love to see this pose specially on Girls not on Frogs Great job
Glad you like it Rajesh, Balodiya thank you
All she needs now is a Prince to give her a kiss.
Congratulations. Never guessed it was yours...no hair.
Nice work Sunshin3. Congrats on winning Silver.
Congratz Sunshine, beautiful job as always
Well, you gave her a nice number Can you give me her phone number too. Freaking brilliant work. Congrats on the silver, Sun.
Thank you Pree, Pcr, AzureSky I love your commments, Ericnorthend, Geriatric you are right hard to guess like that, LunaC, Mark, Newsy you have noticed the number on the shirt but the phone number is secret

Funny Jay-Z as The Frog Prince

Jay-Z as The Frog Prince
Member reactions:
Great Caricature with a funny crown like it

Funny Yes Frog

Yes Frog

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