The Princess and the Frog
The Princess and the Frog
The Princess and the Frog.

Funny Fractal Frog

Fractal Frog
Member reactions:
Its crisp and clear and much beautiful good one

Funny Frog with Many Eyes

Frog with Many Eyes
Member reactions:
This is awesome... love to eyes placement all over the body good chop... Like it
Very nicely placed with good color to the frogg

Funny Frog Toadstool

Frog Toadstool
Member reactions:
Thoughtful.. cool placement of Mushroom to the Toad

Funny Kermit the Frogs Boyfriend

Kermit the Frogs Boyfriend
Member reactions:
I always wondered about Kermit
Excellent froggy she is sitting carelessly in-spite that man wants everything

Funny Children Frog Hunting in a Pond

Children Frog Hunting in a Pond
Member reactions:
.. lovely chop... the kids were holding the frogs and the fishes were peeping out of the water.. lovely chop
Love this entry..I like the way you placed all around its cute scenery work


Member reactions:
awesome. i made a similar entry with frogs. honestly, i like yours better. you're awesome.
No matter what the bump is, jump toward the destiny
Sweet and slow creatures crawling over the frog is too heart touching... great work shown using this chop... like their tender touch..

Funny Elephant Frog

Elephant Frog
i saw that on jungle i scream
Member reactions:
Well merge of that toad with the elephant head... great to see the texture is perfectly matches to the head.... love this
The New breed is excellent. Good Creative job done

Funny Leap Frog Pole Vaulting

Leap Frog Pole Vaulting
hope you like
Member reactions:
Excellent composition i really like it, see the frog is jumping in an different way
Clever idea. Superb 'shopping - looks real. Congrats on the silver Olympic medal, moya.

Funny Nicolas Sarkozy the Frog Super Hero

Nicolas Sarkozy the Frog Super Hero
Member reactions:
Looks like Kermits been replaced...nice work.
Very funny specially the frog head placement good balancing on the water
Love it, a perfect expression with great costume and very interesting background with naughty girl

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