Dali Moustache on a Frog
Dali Moustache on a Frog
Dali Moustache on a Frog. . Member reactions:
Too cool. I actually like that you drew the mustache.
Too freaking clever work. and the froggy does look like Dali.

Funny Water Bubble Frog

Water Bubble Frog
SOURCE. Member reactions:
Looks a lot like this Frog herejust transformed a bit :/
Does it dribble through your fingers if you pick it up. Neet picture.
Kellie,Not just transformed, here are sources LinkIt took nearly 6 hours to shape this out, By the way i never seen that Frog which you shared .
GanmerladThank you so much
Kellie,I would share this when i submitted this
Thank you so much diamonds, rajeshstar qtrmoonship and Bouplix Thank for all your comments

Funny Crocodile Frog

Crocodile Frog
. Member reactions:
I don't want one of those hopping into my house. It is a great combination.

Funny Kermit the Frog Without a Head

Kermit the Frog Without a Head
Hey, That's not a frog in his throat.. Member reactions:
Love the Muppets. So sad Jim Henson died so young.

Funny Giant Frog on a Building

Giant Frog on a Building

Funny Frog Leaping From picture to a Goldfish Bowl

Frog Leaping From picture to a Goldfish Bowl
. Member reactions:
don't have words.... in its simplicity is a masterpiece.... i like the surrealism that emerges from the beautiful composition, bravooooooooo..............
Thank you for your comments. I posted this on my Flickr account, and somebody commented, "Great shot."I usually say that with photos.... not photoshops.....
Me likey.Nice to see your chop again, Doxie.

Funny Frog Avocado

Frog Avocado
Delicius. Member reactions:
very creative. i love it thank you for sharing.
I appreciate the comment, and you have liked

Funny Assault Frog

Assault Frog
. Member reactions:
Good job, but not matching with the Contest Title

Funny Blind Monkey's Butt Hermit Frogs

Blind Monkey's Butt Hermit Frogs
SOURCES. Member reactions:
D-man...... You mean monkey's Arse.

Funny Upside Down Tree frog

Upside Down Tree frog
. Member reactions:
Congrat's on trifecta..CheersMandrak
Truly a weird creation. Looks like an alien frog.
Congratulations Evirio my Friend. Good and Excellent work. It is not an easy job.
Thanks a lot guys.It was a really funny contest
wtg Evirio, what a beautiful win, Congrats on the Trifecta.

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