She looks more friendly
She looks more friendly
She looks more friendly.

Funny The Friendly Unicorn

The Friendly Unicorn
Who doesn't love a friendly unicorn. digital art

Funny Girls' Friendly Bird Flight

Girls' Friendly Bird Flight
Member reactions:
Very cool and well the lovely model.
Fantastic work, so beautifully composed and very well executed.
Splendid job with the colors. Everything seems to fit nicely together.
Excellent chop... Great to see all the birds flying along with the baloon on the Fire very natural and peaceful work seen here
fantastic entry preemiememe, congrats on the wood
thanks.... Ivan,, jeremix.... geriatric.... and everyone else
Gotta love it, pree. and you used your lucky model again Congrats on the wood.

Funny Friendly Monsters with Little Girl

Friendly Monsters with Little Girl
nice monster
Member reactions:
Looks good with the Fraggles
What is the black line on the Orange puppet.
it was a error by me sorry i missed that spot but its all gone now

Funny Whoopi Goldberg The Friendly Witch

Whoopi Goldberg The Friendly Witch
Member reactions:
Good job on the witch.She looks like she's feeling sick, must had drunk some bad potion.
C'mon kids there's plenty room in here for a multi-storey nest..
Superb chop, but it's a real shame it's small size

Funny Boy with a Friendly Mailbox

Boy with a Friendly Mailbox
Member reactions:
YaY .. thanks geriatric,kellie & oopsee =))
Twisted art, just the way I like it. Thanks for the feast for my eyes. congrats on the silver.

Funny New Mobile Friendly Environment

New Mobile Friendly Environment
hope you like it Story view sources
Member reactions:
Great Out Of Bounds work. I like the FreakingNews promotion
Ahhhh delightfull. Neo-impressionism. Fun style to play with in wet media too..
Kratos... you are full of surprises... Congrads on the bronze. Nice Job
Congrats on the bronze Kratos. nice work... My critique, it's a little over exposed. it's a little too bright and not enough dark areas. If it had more dark areas in the image, it would make the light areas stand out better, adding more drama to the image.
Congrats Kratos Nice colors and lighting.

Funny Eco Friendly Hummer Car

Eco Friendly Hummer Car

Funny Eco Friendly Wooden Robot

Eco Friendly Wooden Robot
Member reactions:
, excellent. Love how you did the eco carving on the wooden man.

Funny Flying People Having a Friendly Game of Tag

Flying People Having a Friendly Game of Tag
Member reactions:
not sure that works... intresting concept though
Thanks, everyone, for the comments and compliments. That's why I'm in the Apprentice contests, ace. It would help if you let me know what I might have done to make this work better. Please view the full image, study it, and critique it for me. I can then take those helpful suggestions and improve on my art.
It's like a twisted aerial lightsabre battle. I like it. P.S. Take negative comments with a grain of salt. It's obvious to everyone on the site when someone is making negative comments with no grounds or critique. I would take it as a compliment. kinda like, "I'm jealous of your work, so I'll just say it sucks and hope others will follow and tank the scores." Happens to all of us at some point.
Thanks for the encouragement and advice, killer. I don't ever mind negative comments. I can usually tell when one is well-founded or said through spite. I just love creating art and learning new things, and would really appreciate a critique. I'm not looking for a pat on the back, but pointers on how to improve my skills. The tutorials on here are awesome. As a matter of fact, I used Keb's Color Correction on Face Swaps tut to help me make one of my current entries.

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