Friendly Help
Friendly Help
Friendly Help. I Knew There Had To Be A Reason.
Member reactions:
Took the words right outta my mouth Nice the He-Man bit

Funny Environmentally Friendly Computer

Environmentally Friendly Computer
A chopper's dream machine. The all new Treetop FN900. Powerful, quiet and safe for the environment. (view full)
Member reactions:
I love everything you do. Great work man.
MISSING... slick willy,jimmy the hammer carter,teddy the swimmer kennedy,

Funny Friendly Footing in the Mountains

Friendly Footing in the Mountains
When relationships are on a friendly footing, they are going well.

Funny A Friendly Little Game of Fooseball Between Obama and Putin

A Friendly Little Game of Fooseball Between Obama and Putin
Putin to Boehner, "I like your patch. Where can I get one." "They're for sale in our gift shop."
Member reactions:
Very cute. Best Olympic cartoon I've seen yet.
This is new game for Olympic and I think every one will enjoy this new game....
Great composition... looks a real classic work fabolus job done
Obama hiddenly present in Sochi just for a soccer match with Putin.
I like the composition, but masking is really rough with jagged edges here . I suggest you study some tutorials on masking - a quick search on google turns up many of them

Funny Friendly Spider Digital Art

Friendly Spider Digital Art
an early experimental piece with a few variations.

Funny Sarah Palin and a Friendly Alaskan Bear

Sarah Palin and a Friendly Alaskan Bear
Visit Alaska
Member reactions:
Excellent concept. I would fix the words to "where the animals are very friendly" (drop THERE)

Funny Friendly Police

Friendly Police
Member reactions:
yeah war starts after the wedding

Funny Friendly Skies O Hare

Friendly Skies O Hare
Federal agencies to probe safety at O'Hare
Member reactions:
Traffic snarls there are so bad, they're starting to spill over onto the runways. Good CHop.
So THAT's why they keep losing my luggage.

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