Fried Egg Eyes in Pan
Fried Egg Eyes in Pan
Fried Egg Eyes in Pan.

Funny Man Frying in Electric Chair

Man Frying in Electric Chair
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Funny Frying Giant Egg on a Volcano

Frying Giant Egg on a Volcano
"Fried egg, sunnyside up." This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 License. Original (Vulcano) by Sam Beebe, image "Volcán Chaitén-Sam Beebe-Ecotrust.jpg" found on Wikipedia. 2nd source (Egg) by michelini from; royalty free. Please view full if you have the time - thanks.
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Sorry, can't link to the author Sam Beebe - link contains a "forbidden" character. Could an admin please fix it.... Thx
This is the biggest egg I've ever seen. This is EGG-sellent. Full view is a real neato.

Funny Kentucky Fried Chicken Advert

Kentucky Fried Chicken Advert
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Good job, but shouldn't it say: Make My Chicken instead of "Mine" Chicken.

Funny Hand Coming out of Frying Pan

Hand Coming out of Frying Pan

Funny Frying Pan Eclipse

Frying Pan Eclipse

Funny Escaping Kentucky Fried Chicken

Escaping Kentucky Fried Chicken
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IS that what they call "Chasing Chicks". .

Funny EPL Kentucky Fried Chicken

EPL Kentucky Fried Chicken
El pollo loco

Funny McDonalds Marlboro French Fries

McDonalds Marlboro French Fries
Not your average fast food.
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rolling on the floor with laughter at the warning...Outstanding..
Freaking hilarious. Genius concept. Love the warning too.
My arteries went hard just voting on this hahahahahaa Nice one indeed
Congrat's on the gold.. funny idea. Cheers Mandrak
killler ))) congrats ... they really should,, post a warning.....
Congrads KB, an out of the park hit as we have all come to expect. I love your sense of humor too May you always brighten our day... cheers mate.
Bee strikes again. Golden fries here cholesterol free - congrats.
Thank you all once again. I am honored to chop along such great competitors.

Funny Lady Liberty Frying Tourists

Lady Liberty Frying Tourists

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