French Bulldog
French Bulldog
French Bulldog. . Member reactions:
Thanks .. Im not sure if the dog is a boy or girl
This is wonderful. Noone will care about dog ... lookingat the pic

Funny French Republican Guard

French Republican Guard
. Member reactions:
Feels like an illustration to some fairy tales I'd read when I was a kid - good stuff.
Thank you MsgtBob, Geriatric and NewsMaster .

Funny French Bunny

French Bunny
French Bunny

Funny French Hot Air Balloon Inventors.

French Hot Air Balloon Inventors.
The Montgolfier Brothers First Prototype.. Member reactions:
Super chop, but was the source photo (required in this contest) used at all.
You are correct NewsMaster, my apologies.
Missed a couple of layers.It's now correct.

Funny French marriage

French marriage
Gay marriage, adoption allowed in France from 2013 . Member reactions:
... gay marriage is allowed from next year like the lip-lock
Great expression on guy watching the two lovebirds
Ya'll have 2 excuse Mikella's comment "gross" it's not like she didn't like the pic, but she is only 11

Funny French Drinking

French Drinking
France orders breathalyser for motorists. Member reactions:
This new law was a good move to curb drunk driving accidents like the news story and good chop too ....
Cool chop... nice eyes..Dumb law pushed thru by vicious lobbying taylored for the 2 manufacturers... Who's going to use them.
You remind me to buy one . I'm an outlaw . Lol Good job hidden .
, I guess this is how he spends his day off.
Won't stop the drunks from driving I am afraid. Only safe way is not to drink and drive.

Funny Broke Back Mountain.....French Version!

Broke Back Mountain.....French Version!
. Member reactions:
Great one , LMOA ....
, W7F.. cant stop my laugh, lovely work
My favourite drinks, Pernod and champagne
Its really hilarious to see nicolas holding him on his back good background with Eiffel tower and the scene looks like a party time
Excellent Stuff Background and overall is very nice

Funny Bus in Old French Street

Bus in Old French Street
. Member reactions:
Perfect placement of the Bus in the crowd, good choice to put this here

Funny French Mime in the Arctic

French Mime in the Arctic
. Member reactions:
I love how you did her mouth. Good work.
This is really cute. Probably lost in the number of entries, but cute and really well done.
Its really amazing, see the bear its keep on shying and the Dolphins were looking so cute
Great work with source of ice sketing and mirroring. perfect merge and nice concept. All the best

Funny Napoleon the French News Reporter

Napoleon the French News Reporter
. Member reactions:
cool. the add-on is funny... now's too late to add his parachute.

Funny French Mime

French Mime
Photoshop this image of French mime (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: dress up this french-mime, change the mime's makeup, make the French mime perform some stunts, use this big French mime image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News. You have 7 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences for providing the source photo.

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