Griffin & Cooper NYE Is a Frozen Howl
Griffin & Cooper NYE Is a Frozen Howl
Griffin & Cooper NYE Is a Frozen Howl. These two are a hilarious pair together. Kathy Griffin is a howl trying to embarrass the normally staid Anderson Cooper - which she does brilliantly. It's a great celebration and commentary, and a definite laugh and a half.
Member reactions:
Me likes a lot. Always love to read your commentary with your chops, Swash.



Funny Frozen Patrick Stewart

Frozen Patrick Stewart
Member reactions:
I agree. Pretty nice overall I would say. Certainly one of my favorite actors.
Clean work, Star Trek fans would definitely dig this.

Funny Cold Beer in a Frozen City

Cold Beer in a Frozen City
Member reactions:
Its not cool.. its frozen beer you could call it ice cream with Beer flavor good work in making the beer and his hand freeze well done

Funny Frozen Up Movie

Frozen Up Movie
Member reactions:
Lovely... the Grand Pa looks great in this mixture of UP and Frozen well done

Funny Frozen Me Movie and Minions

Frozen Me Movie and Minions
Member reactions:
Lovely chop.... Despicable and frozen together make a great combination

Funny The frozen Croods Movie

The frozen Croods Movie
Member reactions:
One of the best chops in the contest. Bravo.
Talented work, First Place congrats, Evirio.
Thanks Jim, Paul, UncleChamp, geriatric, Newsy.

Funny Putin Competing in the Frozen Dwarf Toss

Putin Competing in the Frozen Dwarf Toss
It looks like they've already given Putin the Gold Medal for this event.
Member reactions:
Like the new avatar of Putin... looks like a baby putin
Love how you did chopped the main in the ice cube - looks real. Super duper work on the shadows too and the background promotions for the Russian vodka and borscht
Very imaginative. Congrats on the trophy.

Funny Frozen Minimalist Movie Poster

Frozen Minimalist Movie Poster
Member reactions:

Funny Al Gore in Frozen Movie

Al Gore in Frozen Movie
It's really cold Al.
Member reactions:
This Looks great Nice cartoon preview Well done
The Artic Vertox was well displayed and the snow ball gushing over that guy and the Rheindeer is overlooking him is very amazing good one
Its a crystal and flawless snow scattered all around nice and clean work

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