Women's Freestyle Wrestling 57 KG Final Match
Women's Freestyle Wrestling 57 KG Final Match
Women's Freestyle Wrestling 57 KG Final Match. Gold stays in Trump's Family anyway
Member reactions:
I see there are some special persons in public, ha ha ha... Bill recording
Amazed this wasn't top 3. Really admired the effort making every single viewer a politician or celeb. I thought that Mugabe top left. Wonderful work all round
Voting is subjective process. One likes and another may be do not. Picture was on second place until last voting. 5th place is not bad. In the left top corner is John Lewis. He is AH too.
This one is epic. Shoulda been a winner. (Thatís why we need more people voting)
, that is a ton of head work in the background..
Nice work, Melania sporting a hair piece necklace . Everybody who's anybody got head chopped here.

Funny Freestyle Weight Jumping Olympics

Freestyle Weight Jumping Olympics
Member reactions:
Like the lens effect and Putin is jumping freely
Literally, a head-spinning chop - I love it.
Hehe nicely done and congrats on the cup...
Great VERTIGO chop. Congrats on the trophy.
Woo Hoo. Looks like fun. Great chop and congrats on the trophy.

Funny Dead Celebrity FreeStyle Skiing

Dead Celebrity FreeStyle Skiing
Member reactions:
This is funny,but there is some serious masking issues.
Interesting concept, but yeah some masking debris on the outlines of the figures. Or were the white outlines intentional.

Funny Donkey Jumping Freestyle

Donkey Jumping Freestyle
Always looking for new extreme sports

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