Freedom Flight
Freedom Flight
Freedom Flight.

Funny Freedom Outside the Window

Freedom Outside the Window
Member reactions:
Awesome. Love the shadows.. lots of work too - well done.
this look beautifull, but sun is not in the right position to get this shadows
congratulations edson is the brazil here in the freaking

Funny Demonstrators Giving Up on Freedom

Demonstrators Giving Up on Freedom
News Story
Member reactions:
hahaha, good one. I love it. Too bad it is so freakin true.
This chop gets right to the heart of the story. Touché mon ami...touché.

Funny US Freedom Flower

US Freedom Flower
Happy Birthday America.
Member reactions:
Nice work. I only think the stars are a bit small compared to the thickness of the red and white lines.

Funny Freedom

V leads another group of oppressed people to freedom from a vile and corrupt theocracy.
Member reactions:
... I know you've got the moves, but have yo got the touch.
... I know you've got the moves, but have yo got the touch. ...C'mon baby tell me-you must be jokin', right.
. You're too much sassyfras. We need to come up with an award for sassyfras..."The Best Captionist" award goes tooooooo....*drumroll please*...sassyfras.. Wait a "Captionist" even a word.. ...oh well for sassyfras we'll make it a word.
Yes PlayaKB its a word and I suffer from Captioneers Disease,the only way to get all these strange little thoughts out of my head is to caption these strange little pictures you all create...glad you enjoy them..
..well i do enjoy them. Don't worry, medicine these days...they'll find a cure for your Captioneers disease.
LOTS of work on this pic, and i really like the banners
Great work on the banners. I only don't get why they are still wearing the burqa if they are freed. The first thing they should/would do is throwthat thing in a fire.
The 9th one from the left in the 4th row needs more noise.
. . . and the 5th from the right in the 17th.

Funny Artistic Freedom

Artistic Freedom
Ansel Adam's School of Painterization
Member reactions:
Solid premise, but those colours aren't very surreal.
Sorry Chris, Ansel Adams wasn't a surrealist.
Granted, but the theme of the contest is to create surreal images, by changing something's colour to something unusual

Funny freedom at last

freedom at last
"it was there yesterday"
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Funny Donalds Reproductive Freedom

Donalds Reproductive Freedom
Donald Trump on Reproductive Freedom
Member reactions:
No one would have said a thing about abortions if it weren't for the snowflakes wanting 5th trimester abortions. They just flat out pushed it too far and got some push back.
Pro lifers are so determined t save a fetus, but ignore the children who are dying of hunger, abused, by adults, and human trafficking, is this why they want children to be born.
Not me, I say go ahead and kill as many of them future Snowflakes that you can. It keeps the balance of thing in check.
Excellent job with the image, Goat. Lot of work and much better than score shows...

Funny Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring
A place to meet and great as long as we agree to let you meet.
Member reactions:
I swear I saw this same image in a magazine. Is this original artwork. -->

Funny Freedom Stickers

Freedom Stickers

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