Bulldog's Freedom Jump From a Plane
Bulldog's Freedom Jump From a Plane
Bulldog's Freedom Jump From a Plane. Member reactions:
It seems he migrated to this contest. You're welcome .
The doggie is a new champ after the ibis.

Funny Freedom Fighter Petro Poroshenko

Freedom Fighter Petro Poroshenko
Member reactions:
He's not kidding. He's a man is new Hitler

Funny Nelson Mandela the Freedom Cyborg

Nelson Mandela the Freedom Cyborg
Full View plz... Unresized Image
Member reactions:
Fantastic work, but it looks like the eyes were made with one eye photo symmetrically flipped. This makes the face look a bit cross-eyed
Out of the box, excellency on the chop with the robo arm and full body and the wire on the face are very well implanted. I love his green eye
Well illuminated robotic leader protecting its citizens and giving freedom for their lives... Lovely way you have designed this chop and the robotic touch given to him RIP

Funny Claude Monet Freedom Tower

Claude Monet Freedom Tower
Member reactions:
Superb job of doing a Monet on the Freedom Tower and sky line, Chip.

Funny Bouguereau Angel Prisoner Celebrating Freedom

Bouguereau Angel Prisoner Celebrating Freedom
William Bouguereau’s 1891 painting Le Captif(The Prisoner).
Member reactions:
Great to see the little one celebrating her freedom Like her base on water and the Eagle

Funny Freedom For Egypt

Freedom For Egypt
Kudos For Egypt. News
Member reactions:
Well done...I like how you changed the hair etc from the original image
Just hope when the dust settles over there they don't start fighting for control.
I don't know if they paid a big enough price to not let freedom slip away. My hope is they figure out just how lucky they are, adopt a constitution based on the inalienalble rights of ALL men, not just Muslims and hold on to those freedoms as if the bony fingers of death were trying to pry them away Thanks for the comments

Funny Monkey Contemplating Freedom

Monkey Contemplating Freedom
entry made with provided image elements only. -- And remember: many zoos are far from being a heaven for the animals.
Member reactions:
It's amazing how you crafted this chop with just the source photo. Hats off.
Thanks Newsy for your kind comment. : it goes straight to my heart (really. & I can say it now that the voting is closed) Thanks bobrafto.: this one was a f.. very hard job, believe me. Thanks rwpike.: I always like too what you're creating
Thx geriatric.

Funny Break Glass For Freedom

Break Glass For Freedom
Member reactions:
very clever composition, and the full view is fabulous.
Congrats on the gold, Xaos. Atacando con fuerza nuevamente.
Congrats on the gold, Chaos. Note to self: "Break Glass for Winning a Contest"

Funny Spirit of Freedom

Spirit of Freedom
For credits visit: http://ziizii-rock.deviantart.com/gallery/ Thank you...
Member reactions:
Bummer-a larger image for FULL view would have been nice. High marks HIDDEN.
the work with the water is stunning. very nice
Congrats on the wood ZiiZii, beautiful image. Awesome job.
Wood for ZiiZii, congrats on the beautifully done piece.

Funny Pink Freedom Fighters

Pink Freedom Fighters
Jesus this thing gave me a headache.

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