Now he is in free from scandalls show
Now he is in free from scandalls show
Now he is in free from scandalls show. Member reactions:
Congrats again, Horse better watch this guy, he's a nasty one.
Thank you, Crafty1, Eduenrojas and Hobbit.

Funny Hands Free

Hands Free
I entered Self Driving Cars some time back but didn't have the time to do the one I would like to have done. WITH SOURCE SIDE BY SIDE:
Member reactions:
Nicely done, D-dog . . . I'm sure it would have placed high in the previous contest as well. Congrats on the Bronze.
Congrats on the bronze dd.Polished and clean,great chop

Funny Free of Hillary at Last!

Free of Hillary at Last!
Bill is alive again.
Member reactions:
congrats on the gold cup hobbit this was excellent
GOLD Congrats, Hobbit. Very funny. Better Late Than Never.
Congrats Hobbit, great job with the veil.
A different outcome to the trio I used . Congrats hobbit. Great composition.
Broke the dry spell. Congrats on the gold. Great chop.

Funny O'Reilly's Free Fall

O'Reilly's Free Fall

Funny Free Eggs Today

Free Eggs Today
Member reactions:
Thank you Hobbit. I was rushing to get him finished and I'm still tweaking, hope I don't goof him up.
I'm happy you like it Crafty. He's a Dird, naturally. They come in all shapes and sizes. Mostly Chicken to be specific
awesome creature, splat. great background, too. congrats.
Thank you very much Jere.., and Andrew. I was hoping being a little different would help
Grats on the woody, hey, I recognize that dog. Lol
Thanks DD. Yeah...When I saw your excellent post I stopped looked for a different source but nothing fit quite as good.
You do this long enough you realize that we're all using the same sources and since the search engines only want to show us pay source sites it don't leave us much anymore. It's gotten real bad.

Funny It's All Free

It's All Free

Funny 2016 Election. Play Find the Easter Eggs Game Free

2016 Election. Play Find the Easter Eggs Game Free

Funny Free Cycling Lessons from DonaldTrump

Free Cycling Lessons from DonaldTrump
Member reactions:
Funny stuff. Hillary's helmet seems to be before the lamppost, which shouldn't be.
Ha, Ha, nice come back. Congrats Wanderer.
Congrats on the bronze and wood win wanderer
Very well put together, congrats Wanderer.

Funny Loretta Lynch the Free Speech Grinch

Loretta Lynch the Free Speech Grinch
Ted Cruz Denounces Loretta Lynch
Member reactions:
Nice one D. PC if continued will be the death of us.

Funny Pirate Free Penalty Kick

Pirate Free Penalty Kick
Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze, Paul - great idea with the bomb.

Funny Free For All

Free For All
This is a themed contest. Do NOT edit the theme post. In this contest we are giving you a blank slate. Show us your stuff! Your entry will be judged on visual impact and overall creativity. General Freaking News guidelines still apply as far as quality and content, but beyond that, the world is your oyster! There is an additional requirement to this contest. You must provide a link to your primary source image to show what has been changed/altered in your final product. You can link directly to a source hosted elsewhere, or you can utilize your My Media Folder page to host the source image and link directly to it there. Format for linking to the source is: [url=""]Source[/url] This will make the word "Source" clickable which will pop up a window with the image you gave the link to. This format is also explained in the Freaking News FAQ which can be found here. Thanks to raygregory for sponsoring this double jackpot contest and providing us the concept for this contest.

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