Free Lunch
Free Lunch
Free Lunch.

Funny Stop Calling It Free Stuff

Stop Calling It Free Stuff
My Stuff Has Never Been Free.
Member reactions:
Very Annoying to one's senses. She looks like a bat. (:
Lol She does look batty. Good one Gummy.

Funny I am 70 today! Free drinks for everyone!

I am 70 today! Free drinks for everyone!
I am 70 today. Free drinks for everyone.
Member reactions:
Bravo Vagabond. for the hangover😁
Good one , he has a neat smile, Congrats on your win.

Funny Finally free in his head

 Finally free in his head
Egg head is finally released from the obsession of her hen
Member reactions:
Really nicely done, Claude. Brain instead of egg and pieces on hand a great touch.

Funny I am 70 and free E street music Today!

I am 70 and free E street music Today!
Passed 70
Member reactions:
Nice job..a lot of work gone into this. 👍

Funny Set Him Free!

Set Him Free!
Member reactions:
I love everything about it, but wondering why the one human skull is so much larger than the other. Maybe some sort of evil giant.
Thanks Lunac. Yes the one skull is from a human demon.
The Huntress (DBD). Great Work. It has that Freak Show Appeal.
Grats on the twofer Nice composition and colourism
Congrats on the Gold, Mano. Marvelous contrast in color.
Brilliant color and light. Gold Congrats, Manosasrt.

Funny Freedom is not Free

Freedom is not Free
Freedom is not free, some pay the ultimate price for it. Remember them.

Funny Make Me Wrinkle Free!

Make Me Wrinkle Free!

Funny Free Razors For All The Women

Free Razors For All The Women

Funny Free Schumer and Pelosi, No Returns.

Free Schumer and Pelosi, No Returns.
Member reactions:
HA, awesome chopping, fits those two perfectly.
Grats hobbit, reminds me of one I did once, nice work.
Hahahaha, those two, jeesh, what can you say. Their combined IQ barely amounts to carrot. Good and funny. Congrats on the cup.
Many great details and very fine job. Congrats on the bronze cup, Hobbit
Congrats on the Win, Hobbit.Thank you for all your wonderful comments and advices.

Funny Free For All

Free For All
This is a themed contest. Do NOT edit the theme post. In this contest we are giving you a blank slate. Show us your stuff! Your entry will be judged on visual impact and overall creativity. General Freaking News guidelines still apply as far as quality and content, but beyond that, the world is your oyster! There is an additional requirement to this contest. You must provide a link to your primary source image to show what has been changed/altered in your final product. You can link directly to a source hosted elsewhere, or you can utilize your My Media Folder page to host the source image and link directly to it there. Format for linking to the source is: [url=""]Source[/url] This will make the word "Source" clickable which will pop up a window with the image you gave the link to. This format is also explained in the Freaking News FAQ which can be found here. Thanks to raygregory for sponsoring this double jackpot contest and providing us the concept for this contest.

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