Freddie Wonka Chocolate Factory
Freddie Wonka Chocolate Factory
Freddie Wonka Chocolate Factory. Freddie Wonka Chocolate Factory

Funny Freddie King Ghost in Chicago

Freddie King Ghost in Chicago
This guy was an amazing singer and guitar hero . His "Sweet home Chicago" cover (which is probably the best one) inspired me .
Member reactions:
Well said ugdora and Welcome . His music haunt me
I have to laugh because this is where crop halo works to the pics advantage

Funny Freddie Mercury Caricature

Freddie Mercury Caricature
Member reactions:
Amazing show of character. Chopping show must go on. Congrats on the bronze, gugu.
Thank you,geriatric. Thank you,NewsMaster ...
Cute character, congrats on the win......

Funny Gonzo as Freddie Krueger

Gonzo as Freddie Krueger
Member reactions:
Funny, funny . . . the resemblance is all in the nose . . . his hat being crooked adds to the humor . . . Nice work.
Thank you D-man. Thank you for comment IcyAllEyeCan Thank you very much geriatric. Thank you very much nepaguy59 and rajeshstar. Thank you balodiya. Thank you very much qtrmoonshop with "Q".
Krueger is looking great, bronze congrats.
Thank you very much pcrdds, Black, Sunshin3 and NewsMaster, I'm glad for you have liked.

Funny Freddie Krueger The Violinist

Freddie Krueger The Violinist
Member reactions:
Nicely done...and the writing is hysterical. Everyone should read it.
I see you've added some things...nicely done, hidden dude or dudette.
Ha ha ha ha.......HAAAAaaaaaaaHHHhh..... The soundtrack could make or break this feature. Good one.
Hilarious concept and perfect blend - looks like a genuine poster. The FN tagged violin is a nice touch
Thanks Newsy........ not easy to make a silhouette play the violin.

Funny Freddie KrugeStringr in the Rain

Freddie KrugeStringr in the Rain
I'll take care Of your Health Care
Member reactions:
302 points worth of 4's and only 18 points of 5's and 1446 worth of 6's and 7's. Well what is it below average or above. Fair voting or opinion.
Pretty cool work should have scored way higher. I see 3 people voted 4, sigh...

Funny Freddie Kruger

Freddie Kruger
Freddie Kruger went straight. He made it known to the public by beating his knives into roach clips.

Funny Freddie Krueger the Ballerina

Freddie Krueger the Ballerina
He's fierce on the stage -and in your dreams. Sources:
Member reactions:
Man, this makes him like twice bigger freak than he is. Genius concept.
Congratulations on your first medal, psy. One of my favorites in the contest
Thanks to all of you, I think I like it here. I would especially like to thank Dr. Pepper for keeping me going when I got too tired to finish; Dr. your bubbly effervescence is a constant inspiration.
Great job, psylocke. Love the idea of using Freddy.. Congrats.

Funny Freddie Mercury Wearing a Beijing Stadium Hat

Freddie Mercury Wearing a Beijing Stadium Hat
Member reactions:
Gawd Freddy was a nutty freak, but he could bloody sing.

Funny Freddie Krueger Traffic Sign

Freddie Krueger Traffic Sign
Stay out of these woods.
Member reactions:
Very nice work. Some scratches down the sign would increase the scare factor but it is still very good as it is.
hmmm, great idea. Hollywood should listen to you =)
This is one of my favorites. Great composition.
, thanks everyone. I had a good time doing this image. I drew Freddy with my mouse...he's not a photograph, nor was he part of the forest graphic I used for the background. But he sure looks like he belongs right where he is.

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