freaky Crufts breed
freaky Crufts breed
freaky Crufts breed.

Funny Freaky Space

Freaky Space
Used PS CC and a lot of stock to create a freaky space
Member reactions:
All that going on out there. Who knew. Is that a Hubble shot.

Funny Freaky Skull Bird

Freaky Skull Bird
Member reactions:
Freaky Bird has some equally freaky running mates Outstanding Unique.
Beautiful and Scary... like a baby with a gun.
Your imagination is ever-increasing and original to be sure. Congratulations.
Congrats on the silver Hitspinner,weird and funky,just like I like it
Silver congrats, Tim. Bizarre, but great job.
This one tells a story about me. Thanks all
So Freaky Bird is part of the HitMan story. hahahah Gotta Silver Congrats on dat..
Wild flight of imagination. Congrats on the silver, Hits.
congrats on the silver Hitmaster. It's spooky and humorous all in one.

Funny Freaky Humpty Dumpty And Friends

Freaky Humpty Dumpty And Friends
Such a delightful bunch
Member reactions:
Great work overall... Humpty and his friends are awesome good creativity
Whoah, well aren't you up here swimming with the great white sharks. hahahaha very well done. Congrats on the fine bronze cup.
Definitely fits the "Freak show" theme. Nice work. Congrats for the bronze andwhat.
Fantastic build, congratz with the Bronze. Like your new avatar
Great job on this. So much to look at. Very creative.
Thanks all, feels nice to taste the bronze.Haven't gotten past 4th place till now.Yeah,Hit I like swimming with the great whites.These are some fierce talented sharks.Feels good to be out of the pond.Im a good swimmer,so hopefully I'll bite into some more trophies
Congrats on the bronze andwhat. Awesome creativity.
Congrats on the bronze, Debbie. Excellent work

Funny Freaky Monkey Hanging from a Rope at a Lookout

Freaky Monkey Hanging from a Rope at a Lookout

Funny Freaky Beyonce

Freaky Beyonce
Member reactions:
Beautiful Beyonce turned into an ugly old and scary Beyonce.... good work on the wrinkles and the eye well done in showing her as an Old Woman
Quality work, but freaks me out just looking at her. Way freaky.

Funny Freaky Clown Making Coffee

Freaky Clown Making Coffee
Member reactions:
It seems this guy don't like the pictures contest
He is filling this Teapot with the Cold blood..
It looks like Jason straving for more hot blood Crushing his victims with the crusher Very well done... like the creature and the background good one
, wicked.Like Mike Meyers meets Pennywhistle Freaky strange

Funny Freaky People at Hope in the Sitting Room

Freaky People at Hope in the Sitting Room
PLEASE USE THIS LINK FOR BEST VIEW 40 images added to source image
Member reactions:
Awesome...lots and lots of work the cat in the corner...brilliant........
Very Nice work...Lots of thought put into it. I like the live smoking doll clutching the arm of the chair, and the arm of the boy coming out of the TV....All the shadows seem to be right...My only nit pick would be the cast shadow of the masked man. The mask casts a shadow on the red part of the shirt, but not the upper tan portion of the shoulder pad....Minor detail tho, High marks overall.
Thanks Funk I appreciate your critique Here's the stock image I used for the masked kid ... I can see why you would think that, though.
thanks for providing the stock image hidden, the shadow glitch is obviously not your doing..Good luck.
Thanks again FW looks better, eh.
Splendid job done Lot of work seen and the one on the frame is awesome The grandparents with Pig Nose and scary eyes were creating humor and horror both Love to see the boy taking his hand out of the TV Excellent work lot of hardship done in this chop... Winner 10++
Amazing really freaking job done Each and every thing is very well balanced. Excellent.
I wanna know only one thing how many layers in this pic... its one of the most adorable creative work I have ever seen what a PS.... Mind blowing work,, each and very object is perfect and effects are Awesome, amazing colors and shadows with perfection... Bravo 10++++++++++++++++++++++ ~~
Thank you for the great compliment ericnorthend. I was up to 33 layers at one point usually by then I start condensing and then save as new. note: For those of you who may be unfamiliar, the boy in the television is Anthony Freeman, played by child actor Billy Mumy, from the famous Twilight Zone episode It's A Good Life The black&white photo of the man smoking is Rod Serling, creator of the Twilight Zone. The other two black&white photos are of Ed Wynn, and Burgess Meredith who, in popular opinion, in addition to many others, were iconic characters of the series.
Thank you kindly, DM, Raj & balodyia.
Congrats Moon.............. Excellent puzzle. Love the ... well... everything.
Those pics we took at the party turned out great. I thought you were going to shop them though. Good times, good times...nice work.
Many thanks to everyone. ... So many great compliments ...It was a lot of work and a lot of fun on this chop
Congrats on the gold, Billy Lots of sources and well blended, excellent job.
I knew it.. congratulations friend we'll be waiting for your next show..

Funny Freaky Steampunk Sideshow Juggler

Freaky Steampunk Sideshow Juggler
Member reactions:
Great job. I love the funky perspective you used.
Very creative,freaky and fabulous.Nice work
Is that Newsmaster in the paper. What he do this time. I'd delete the aura around the eyes and use motionblur instead. Great work though.
Thanks pcrdds, Thanks andwhat, and jeremix Thank you, there is actually both radial blur and motion blur on both the eyeballs and the aura I just now added a little more to the eyeballs, however, I've made several edits after merging the aura, so it's a keeper
For some reason this chop really caught my eye. Nice Work... Good Luck Hidden...
Freaking idea Eye in the hand, nice thinking Great job done
The King of stocks turned all them into a wonderful chop.... great composition of the stocks and majestic job done on this image really wonderful to see the Eyeballs hovering around with a freaky mouth open wide and staring us Full Marks to this
Thank you SplatShot, Thank you balodiya, and many Thanks to you rajeshstar you are the King of Comments.
Yeh its so freaky and brilliant work. Great detail in each pixel and fantastic concept funny teeth and crazy ambiance at Headquarter
Grats on winning silver, G. Still not sure about the eyes, but a great chop nontheless. Especially the dog.
Luv the perspective Qt. Grats on the silver.
TONS of work and skills in this freak chop. Congrats on the silver, Bill. the newspaper.
Thank you kindly everyone much appreciated.

Funny John Goodman's Freaky Belly

John Goodman's Freaky Belly
Member reactions:
His belly looks like the about to hatch a shell of an egg
Some shadow behind him would be nice, I think
Amazing and Interesting stuff, Like the cracks on the stomach

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