Funky Freaks
Funky Freaks
Funky Freaks. A style tribute to Funkwood
Member reactions:
Funny that I thought that as panned down to see what you wrote. Well done. For the full funk effect you might try a strong monotone with the bolder colors reduced signifantly but still present. He did that a lot and it always worked.
That effect has some utility but I have never been all that fond of it. I much prefer heavily saturated color. Curiously these days Dan likes that too. His chops fairly recently are so rich with color sat you want to melt into the work. My aim in this was composition and theme. The bicycle contraption was something somebody posted on FB the other day and I thought, "this is a Funkwood type source 100%." So even though it was too small for a really, super hi-def chop it works well enough to convey the idea
Or that. 😀 That was a beat down😀😀. Maybe I'm thinking of salis
Great idea, well put together. Congrats on the Funky Gold, Hits. A Funkwood themed contest might be interesting
Ha. Congrats spinner. Nice job, disregard everything I said, your actually right.
Thanks Bob, DD, Champ and Steve. I appreciate all the comments. Maybe the next Funksterish chop will employ all his tricks and effects A Funk contest would be a lot of fun. It makes you get into the mind of the master.
Congrats on the gold Hits,magnificent and colorful
Well done and Congratulations. You are keeping the spirit of FN alive.
Thanks Pat, that was kind. I think that is a two way street And TY Andrew and Andwhat.

Funny Creature from Freaking News Lagoon

Creature from Freaking News Lagoon
Member reactions:
Very scary. I guess he doesn't need to eat fish tonight.

Funny Mutant Circus Freaks

Mutant Circus Freaks
Member reactions:
Good composition with a good freak atmosphere, it's just sad some of the elements are mostly made of big pixels/poor quality.
I liked the big pixels, that is why I exaggerated them. I thought they added interest to the texture of the back wall. But I softened the effect due to this thing getting dismally low scores to begin with, so you must not be alone in your sentiment. Thanks for the input, Evirio and thanks Crafty
Gosh I love the pics that are "Off the wall", beautiful work.
Congrats on the silver Hits,excellent freakfest.You know how much I like the freaky ones
Yes I do, Andwhat, mainly why I make them Thanks a bunch
The monster who went on a diet resulting in that excess baggage. Freak fun. Congrats Hitsy
Silver congrats, Hits. Seen and liked Pan's Labyrinth I suppose.
TY Newsy and Jere. Yeah, it was an okay movie. I only saw it once. But I was fascinated by this creature. I found a picture of one of the model sculptures and kept it for quite a while, as well as the bull source. I figured it was time to use em up or loose em. PS. For those students of the chop. When conducting source searches, pay attention to tone and color and lighting and collect them in related groups like that. So, when you go to chop something, you have a collection of sources that meld as if one. One thing you can do that gets messy as in this chop (originally) is to mix textures and grains. Some people don't like that. You're mission is to gather photos that agree in tone, color, contrast, texture and lighting.
Congrats Hitspinner, I knew that had to be yours, Love it.

Funny Hotel California Freaks

Hotel California Freaks
Such a lovely place. More impressive in large format
Member reactions:
Conggrats on the Gold Hitspinner. Great imagination,and color scheme.
Congrats on the win, this is one of the BEST I've seen, the faces with just mouths are fantastic, Love it.
Thanks Bob, thanks Hobbit. Just trying to add some entertainment to the site and put a few bucks in the tank
Gold Congrats, Hitspinner. Another Masterpiece.
congratssss Hits... Nice and creepy
Makes me think of Carrol's "Alice in Wonderland" too Splendid work, congrats on the gold.
Excellent job, creative and impressive . Gold congrats, Hitspinner . I always admire your works .
Thank you Andrew, Pree, Newsy and Sunshine

Funny Strange Freak Show Mutant People at a Carnival

Strange Freak Show Mutant People at a Carnival
Member reactions:
Oh my God, this is creepy, but FANTASTIC.
This is really interesting concept. Well done.
I may get nightmares... by seeing this but very well done... good work
You have a wonderful imagination, glad to see this won 1st place, congrats Hitspinner.
Sorry about being so late to comment. I had to spend a few days in the hospital but I am fine and back home. Thanks Hobbit, Wanderer, Rajesh, Luciano. Balodiya, and Joan XXOO

Funny Freaking News Alien

Freaking News Alien
Member reactions:
Thanks for the FN tribute, Hidden. And I never looked better
I knew this was gonna get gold.Congrats on the gold win Hit.I love this chop,clean and great colors
Andwhat. Let me borrow that crystal ball, will ya. Hehe. Thanks for the vote of confidence and thank you Andrew Hobbit, Luciano, Gummy and Steve.

Funny Freaking Froglegophobia

Freaking Froglegophobia
Member reactions:
Is that a robo-frog working for the military. Cute.
I would like to say that this is the best but there is a big orientation difference between face and hatt (in my opinion)
Excellent and very entertaining Image, Hidden.
I thought this might be yours, congrats, Love it.
Humpty Congrats on the Silver cup, Hit-man. Imaginative Work.
Falling off the barrel will make the hatt shift around... Congrats on the Silver, Hits Great Job.
In defense of the c-o-c-k-e-d hat, that is common with French Merchant Marine types. I could have probably even made it more deliberate. Thanks SS, Andwhat, Hobbit, Doc, Luciano, Joan, stranger and Hohouse
Hmmm...too bad my votes didn't count; I gave this one a nine. Congrats on the Silver.
Thanks folks. A 9... Thank you, Bob. That is a generous score.
yea I gave a nine too and also was defending it against the crooked hat bull. some of these critiques are not well thought out and not very helpful. and get very ponderous and contagious at times... (in my opinion)
Thanks Champ. We all seem to take a turn in that barrel. I never much minded critiques from comrades as good or better as long as they were technically on point. But artistic Opinions....pfffffffft everyone has those. But once in a blue moon somebody points out something truely revealing that drops my jaw We have some sharp cookies on this site.
Congrats on the Silvah, Hitspinnah ... The chop really grabs your attention ... I like the "Humptyesque" quality.
Thanks. It was one of those chops that wrote its own story.

Funny Freaking News to Me

Freaking News to Me
Member reactions:
Funny Hillary last gesture even if it's one out of the rules.

Funny Son Of Freaking News

Son Of Freaking News
Member reactions:
I would not think of Magritte looking at this chop.
Excellent work. It'd probably rock even more if you made it into a painting

Funny Freakshow Freaks

Freakshow Freaks
Member reactions:
Getting ready for Halloween at the International Ghouls Association. Nice work.
Nice getting into the Halloween spirit, Hidden.

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