Freaking News BEFORE It's News
Freaking News BEFORE It's News
Freaking News BEFORE It's News.

Funny Freaking News Challenge

Freaking News Challenge

Funny Lose the weight today and only with Freaking News right now!

Lose the weight today and only with Freaking News right now!
Girl "Photographie retouchée" (slightly).

Funny Freak dream

Freak dream
We Came, We Saw, He Died
Member reactions:
Top 5 congrats Eduen.
Almost there. 20 more minutes and you would have had gold. This is actually tragic to me. You are soooooo close to perfection. The shadow where Trumps head meets the platter needs grain and burnt umber, his hair needed transitional sampling and a little color correction the texturing under Hillary's chin could have been softened with blur tool set to 8 to better match Bill. A few simple steps and bingo you're in the money as long as voters can recognize the work you put in. That is always the one radical variable.
Really an awesome job done on the faces, expressions are priceless..
I would not advise you on your work, just advise you to stop voting. You have voted 55 times out of 87 below the average, I would like to understand. We should not see the same work. Thanks again for your rating of ... 2 for my General Obama...
Don't feel bad Denlig, I did a caricature, it was sentenced to death.

Funny Freaking News Airline

Freaking News Airline

Funny Bill O'Rielly on Freaking News

Bill O'Rielly on Freaking News
you never know...
Member reactions:
Congrats RobinBobin, great to see you back chopping. Love your awesome style.
Congratulations Robin ,,very nice fire work..

Funny Only On Freaking News

Only On Freaking News
Please View in Original ---
Member reactions:
Pretty funny. Love all the crazy zany things you have done with this chicken theme.
Off the hook... Are the chickens coming out of the paintings poultrygiest. Bwhahahaha. OOB is a nice way to finish. I wish I had done one now. This is marvelous work, sort of neo-Americana folk art. Sending you a big sloppy hug, E.
Always enjoyed your chops, hobbit . . . cool that your daughter is chopping also. Best Regards ...
Enjoyed your Presence hobbit 😎. I LOVE the chickens flying out the painting. I can see that as a stand alone image with the panelled background being a gold all by itself. Take care. Hope to see you around 👍🏼

Funny The Last Freak Show

The Last Freak Show
Member reactions:
Great FN tribute. FN is not closing though - please read the site news.

Funny Freaking News Historical Museum

Freaking News Historical Museum
Member reactions:
Criminally under rated. I appreciate the massive amount of work in this. The layers must have been nuts and you didn't loose any perceptible degradation. So clean as has always been the earmark of your work. Fair roads GRM, hope to see your work again someplace else. Cheers and be well
Nice tribute and well done, always clean & concise.

Funny Gone before Freaking News

Gone before Freaking News
Chuck Berry, rock 'n' roll pioneer, dead at 90
Member reactions:
R.I.P Chuck. Go Johnny Go. Johnny B. Goode

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