Frankenstein in Ukraine
Frankenstein in Ukraine
Frankenstein in Ukraine. Member reactions:
Hahaha, they both look like Frankie, don't they..
Very nicely done Wanderer. I am partial to Frankenstein chops as well Top 5....

Funny Lou Reed as Frankenstein's Monster

Lou Reed as Frankenstein's Monster
Please view full... scream.
Member reactions:
Awesome work... and I did see a full scream.
Excellent job.... like the torn head and it got fixed with clips like the texture on his face... good job
This is Great Another side looks very nice
Another congrats for the Silver Cup, Pix. Great colors the background it all works very well.

Funny Will Smith as Frankenstein

Will Smith as Frankenstein
Member reactions:
the skin co.or on the top of the head is off by a bit.
I chopped it but I didn't change the color at all. Perhaps Will Smith had bad makeup that day. Thanks for the critique.
He got some plastic surgery to cover those marks

Funny Scary Frankenstein Assad on Friday the 13th

Scary Frankenstein Assad on Friday the 13th
Member reactions:
Yep, I would say you covered it Nice job

Funny Frankenstein Monster Robert De Niro

Frankenstein Monster Robert De Niro
In Frankenstein 1994.
Member reactions:
Fantastic work done Nice Storm effects, Nice Texture Very well done.
Looks something different in this facial color mix..... looks like attained 80 and the stitches marks around his Neck
Thank you very much balodiya, i'm glad for you liked.
JoaoN. Great minds think alike. You picked his Frankenstein role to celebrate too. I was amazed at his performance in that. It was a terribly underrated film. Great chop, looks like he's ready to all Hulk Congrats on grabbing a cup
Thank you very much Hitspinner, you made a fantastic work, i'm your fan. Thank you Gummy. Thanks Wanderer.
Quality work, JoaoN. Me reminds me Shrek here too. Congrats on the bronze.
Thank you geriatric, NewsMaster and ericnorthend.

Funny Robert De Niro as Frankenstein

Robert De Niro as Frankenstein
Robert Deniro and Ray Liota
Member reactions:
Masters job done Good to see Control over the brain and body u have controlled our also.
Blown out of my head.... this chop is really freaked out some brains really amazing and great texture used with a big cigar
I don't know what you all think but De Niro is just fun to chop. Thanks PixJockey, Rajesh, balodiya and Geri
Have no idea who the driver is, but cool image. Congrats on the Gold.
Thanks Bob. The driver is Ray Liota. He just put on some weight since he did Goodfellas. We're all a little older since then
Wild stuff, Hits. Me a big De Niro fan and dis is a great tribute. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Hugh Laurie Frankenstein Monster

Hugh Laurie Frankenstein Monster
Member reactions:
The Housentein LIVES... but apparently the boob implantation was a failure. Great Picture My Friend.
Awesome.... the well use of lighting sources... and the stitches on his body was perfectly done... Great chop over all with a great Caricature
Choppers job a master piece stitches applied to person as being of a certain nature or afterlife
As long as you are not claiming that you created an already artistically treated source (if you did not) then no lines are really crossed, right. Problem is, a lot of people take elements of other's +++A work and act like they produced a chop with that level of skill and that is when the blank hits the fan. This looks familiar (I thought Funkwood) but there are quite a few pro level choppers that like this sort of style. It is well done.Best of luck
Yes, there is a bit of thievery in all of us Nice chop. I am glad it worked out.
Ah Yes...The Housenstein Monster... HE LIVES..... Well done my Friend.

Funny Frankenstein Striped Bass Fish

Frankenstein Striped Bass Fish
Member reactions:
This looks really scary... Its the result of over GM
Creepy fish Bloody eye and Crazy teeth
I really liked this, saw the source, you did quite a bit here
Love this one Nanny ... Congrats on the Bronze.

Funny Gene Wilder's Frankenstein Fish

Gene Wilder's Frankenstein Fish
Member reactions:
Piranha Returns Nice blend of scary face to it.... with sharp teeth

Funny Mad Scientist Creates Frankenstein Fish

Mad Scientist Creates Frankenstein Fish
An alternative to the Frankenfish.
Member reactions:
The factory made fish.... very funny to see it wearing glasses and give funnier look inside that aquamarine lab well done on the legs of an alligator awesome job
Thanks rajeshstar and all, Yup he's a Dork fish. So what is the worst that could happen if you eat this thing. oh yea passing on the DORK gene,,,, never mind not a good idea. Don't eat it.
Best PS for the Frankenfish concept, the way you have done with the fish makeover is AWESOME, Very interesting chop hidden, One of my fav
I think the voters here are scared of the dorkfish. Otherwise it would have scored higher.

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