Hillary and Barack von Frankenstein
Hillary and Barack von Frankenstein
Hillary and Barack von Frankenstein. Member reactions:
the ears.

Funny Frankenstein's Energy Boost

Frankenstein's Energy Boost
This was SUPPOSED to be for the "Batteries Included" contest a week or 2 ago but I couldn't make the deadline, so here it is.
Member reactions:
His expression kinda makes me want some of that.
Interesting idea to get new source of energy to zombies
This would seriously rock in the batteries contest, but I love it here too.
This seriously rocks, Robb. Congratulations on a well deserved Win.
Congrats Robb. Fantastic idea. I knew i was in trouble when i saw it.

Funny John Kerry with Frankenstein in Ukraine

John Kerry with Frankenstein in Ukraine
Member reactions:
Hahaha, they both look like Frankie, don't they..
Very nicely done Wanderer. I am partial to Frankenstein chops as well Top 5....

Funny Frankenstein Soldier

Frankenstein Soldier
Soldier that cannot die
Member reactions:
Looks Awesome.. Totally love the bullet holes.
Thanks JS and Wanderer. I am sorry 7 or so 200 karma judges lost karma after voting for this chop. I think at least 7 people thought it would place top 4. Clearly their votes were cancelled out some how, maybe because it was close %. Dunno. Only seen it happen a few times. Not sure who screwed who, just so you don't think it was me hahahahaha. Cheers folks. You'll get it back tomorrow
Bless you, wonderful taste you have Mr. Pat.
Seriously Hits, no one lost karma voting on your entry, you got 7-8 votes in majority. Even the guy that give you 9 didn't lose karma on this. The karma hit you see on vote history are mostly shared on bad votes I got on my both winning entries and Paul's . But since I'm there, your chop was pretty good but a bit noisy, the idea awesome, I thought "how could I forgot Frankenstein for this contest." when I saw it. So, top 5 grats man.
Thanks Evirio. I think you are right. I was subtracting when I should have been adding. Jeeze, dumb mistake. Right then... there was a chop that seven people thought was inadequate that stronger voters thought was good, or more voters thought was good, or something. Glad you piped in. I was feeling really bad thinking because I didn't make the top 4 so many took a hit. I see now... it was one of the chops that DID make the top 4 that was the monkey in the gears. This karma and voting can drive one crazy. I shouldn't attempt to think past 2AM. I always get myself into some sort of dither You think the chop was noisy. A wall, the figure, fire and text. Or noisy grain and texture. I did not use a filter to soften it out.Over all I am pleased with it and with the scoring on it, was more than fair. Thanks for the input
No problem Tim. I mean noisy for the uniform grain, it could have liked a tiny denoise and some sharpening over it. But you can be pleased with your pic as it is, since it fits the vintage/horror spirit.
I see what you are talking about now. Yeah, some artifacts left over from sharpening. Hmmm should have see that myself. Old eyes or maybe just lazy eyes, oh well Cool, thanks for the input. Every little bit helps

Funny Frankenstein's Valentine

Frankenstein's Valentine
Member reactions:
Behind all this surgery, there's still a heart beatin'...
Its freaking brilliant its a devil's hospital where you can get our connection with your beloved well done in showing the heart connection
Wonderful job, love the hearts connection. Don't they know we are in the wifi era .
Would you be my Frankensitine Salute to the freak-master-chop the way both of them are connected is so close and heart touching idea, even though with the deadly subjects you made this perfect for the occation. Awesome work hidden
I got lucky finding the perfect sources Thank you HH, eric, Rickytrek, Luciano, Rajesh, Pat, and Evirio. Happy valentines day my friends
Congratulations Hits... Simply Flawless..
Very clever composition, skillfully done. The heart connection is great and I love the matching background where the red hearts are like red blood cells flowing in the blood. Congrats on the gold, Hits.
And you get the "Eagle-eye" prize, Newsey. You made the blood cell connection, very good. Like I say, there is usually more story to the chop than first impressions.. ... and thanks Jim, flawless is one of those lofty words that are too kind.
Your work just gets better and better, love it. Congrats on the win.
. Very cool image hitspinner. Well deserved winner here
Hadn't seen this, Tim. Magnificent. Well-deserved Gold....
Thanks so much Doc, MsgtBob, AZW, Armatien and Hobbit. Thanks Hobbit, the new addition of CS6 gave me a lot more oooomph. A dull axe still gets the job done but nothing like a sharp, brand new one
considering the original pic is in black and white you did one helluva bang up job :0)

Funny Lou Reed as Frankenstein's Monster

Lou Reed as Frankenstein's Monster
Please view full... scream.
Member reactions:
Awesome work... and I did see a full scream.
Excellent job.... like the torn head and it got fixed with clips like the texture on his face... good job
This is Great Another side looks very nice
Another congrats for the Silver Cup, Pix. Great colors the background it all works very well.

Funny Will Smith as Frankenstein

Will Smith as Frankenstein
Member reactions:
the skin co.or on the top of the head is off by a bit.
I chopped it but I didn't change the color at all. Perhaps Will Smith had bad makeup that day. Thanks for the critique.
He got some plastic surgery to cover those marks

Funny Scary Frankenstein Assad on Friday the 13th

Scary Frankenstein Assad on Friday the 13th
Member reactions:
Yep, I would say you covered it Nice job

Funny Frankenstein Monster Robert De Niro

Frankenstein Monster Robert De Niro
In Frankenstein 1994.
Member reactions:
Fantastic work done Nice Storm effects, Nice Texture Very well done.
Looks something different in this facial color mix..... looks like attained 80 and the stitches marks around his Neck
Thank you very much balodiya, i'm glad for you liked.
JoaoN. Great minds think alike. You picked his Frankenstein role to celebrate too. I was amazed at his performance in that. It was a terribly underrated film. Great chop, looks like he's ready to all Hulk Congrats on grabbing a cup
Thank you very much Hitspinner, you made a fantastic work, i'm your fan. Thank you Gummy. Thanks Wanderer.
Quality work, JoaoN. Me reminds me Shrek here too. Congrats on the bronze.
Thank you geriatric, NewsMaster and ericnorthend.

Funny Robert De Niro as Frankenstein

Robert De Niro as Frankenstein
Robert Deniro and Ray Liota
Member reactions:
Masters job done Good to see Control over the brain and body u have controlled our also.
Blown out of my head.... this chop is really freaked out some brains really amazing and great texture used with a big cigar
I don't know what you all think but De Niro is just fun to chop. Thanks PixJockey, Rajesh, balodiya and Geri
Have no idea who the driver is, but cool image. Congrats on the Gold.
Thanks Bob. The driver is Ray Liota. He just put on some weight since he did Goodfellas. We're all a little older since then
Wild stuff, Hits. Me a big De Niro fan and dis is a great tribute. Congrats on the gold.

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