Fox stupid News
Fox stupid News
Fox stupid News. Fox credits Di Caprio with painting Mona Lisa Donald Trump quits Fox News
Member reactions:
Quality work, love how you did the hair. Congrats on the gold, Evirio. Nice comeback chop.

Funny Megan Fox

Megan Fox
In addition to TT's Mowing Services he also does Body Painting and Beard Waxing.

Funny Canucks William Shatner & Michael J. Fox

Canucks William Shatner & Michael J. Fox
Member reactions:
Excellent artwork, love the vivid colors.
Maybe pins look a bit far from dresses, but overall excellent.
Thank you Andrew, Luciano, Newsey and Crafty. Right, Luciano. I raised it for emphasis.
Congrads on the Cup, I knew u could do it.
Wonderful work here as always, hope you had a nice 4th of July. Congrats.

Funny Singing Fox News Women

Singing Fox News Women
Megyn Kelly, Kimberly Gulfoyle, and Martha McCallum of Fox News as The Andrews Sisters sing "The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy From Studio B."

Funny Fox on a Motorbike

Fox on a Motorbike
Member reactions:
, pretty Kewl Hidden. No worries...They are all stunt doubles for the Aflac Duck.
So this is the new way for a fox to carry his groceries home.
If you could add an high lighed border to the fox and bike would become a masterpiece
I just cant stop my laughter.. splitting all around my chicken is it the pic or my beer
Congratz Jere on another nice finish.. The Hound is a Hit.
It really has a certain wonderful charm. Congrats on the wood, mate. You are going to make me crank up my game if you keep raising the bar
Wood on the Shelf Congrats for this Masterpiece, J-Mix.

Funny Dinosaur Fox Hunting

Dinosaur Fox Hunting
Your Not getting on my back.

Funny The Red Fox Digital Art

The Red Fox Digital Art
The red fox is a beautiful animal. A few years ago, a fox and vixen made their den at a conservation where I walked my dogs. In order to lure the dogs away from the den, the fox would make their strange fox calls, and my dogs would chase them until they lost them. I used to love seeing these beautiful animals.

Funny Megan Fox Painting by Vermeer

Megan Fox Painting by Vermeer
Member reactions:
Megan Fox looks beautiful.. and the white pearl shines naturally good one

Funny Symmetric Megan Fox

Symmetric Megan Fox
Member reactions:
Beauty at its best.... nice looking into her eyes
Such clean work. Wish more of her was symmetric though (earrings for example)

Funny Michael J Fox Caricature From Back to the Future

Michael J Fox Caricature From Back to the Future
Does “Back To The Future” Stand The Test Of Time. Michael J. Fox will return to TV this fall with a semi-autobiographical comedy on NBC — 31 years after "Family Ties" premiered on the network and made him a teen heartthrob. And, yes, times have definitely changed
Member reactions:
Awesome caricature with great illustrated lighting effects making the image more illuminated to view.... the lights from the Car pic behind him looks great in this chop
Phenomenon Job done Great Caricature Nice Interior too
Congratulations on your Gold Mandrake, a wonderful work of art.
Belated Congratulations to you PSMandrake... So busy as of late, not much time to post here. Nice work, Congrats...
Love every detail of this work - it shows how well you know and love this movie. Congrats on the gold, Marco.

Funny Flying Fox

Flying Fox
Photoshop this Indian flying fox image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: dressing up this Indian flying fox, making the flying fox perform some stunts, putting the Indian flying fox into some unusual environment, using this flying fox image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Tarique Sani for providing the source photo.

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