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Funny Fox Pictures

The Red FoxFunny The Red Fox
Member reactions:
The red fox is a beautiful animal. A few years ago, a fox and vixen made their den at a conservation where I walked my dogs. In order to lure the dogs away from the den, the fox would make their strange fox calls, and my dogs would chase them until they lost them. I used to love seeing these beautiful animals.

Member reactions:

Megan Fox looks beautiful.. and the white pearl shines naturally good one

Megan FoX-XoFFunny Megan FoX-XoF
Member reactions:
Beauty at its best.... nice looking into her eyes
Such clean work. Wish more of her was symmetric though (earrings for example)

The  annual Fox huntFunny The annual Fox hunt
Member reactions:

The annual Fox hunt
Awesome Awe-inspiring
The fox is pushing hard to leap over his prey

G.I.FoxFunny G.I.Fox
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Fractal foxFunny Fractal fox
Member reactions:

Nice fractal Multiple face and legs both.... the face-cut is completely changed by this fractal

Egyptian Megan Fox (digital portrait)Funny Egyptian Megan Fox (digital portrait)
Member reactions:

*~}{~* . Inspirational work my friend. Absolutely Astounding.
Excelent nice clean and silky and smooth face Lovely digitized face ...
hihihihihihiiiii...... ho come l'impressione che tu sia davvero innammorato della megan robbbbertino..... vero.... un bellissimo bronzo amicuzzolo mio ciay ps: "ti voglio bene anche se non sembra".....
Anch'io Ricky, anch'io Hi, Robin, THANK YOU.
As Paul says "clean as a whistle". Congrats on the bronze, Pix.

Megan Fox with Hairy ArmsFunny Megan Fox with Hairy Arms
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Dr House Hangs up His Fox TV StethoscopeFunny Dr House Hangs up His Fox TV Stethoscope
Member reactions:

Dr. House Hangs up His Fox TV Stethoscope Imagination is the first source of human happiness. My work I do for fun and happiness, "no challenge"
woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow... become increasingly good at caricatures ... this is a really wonderful job my friend ... truly unsurpassable.
Thanks a lot. richard, very glad you like it. and note that my improvements. This makes me very honored.
work look good on your skin. much work on her.
work look good on your skin. much work on her.
thanks Balodiya. exact concept. a mind blowing
Flawless heart looks so good Love it.. Good luck hidden
Terrific idea to pierce the heart for the sale of his house Great job done nice work like this
Rajeshstar thanks. exactly. succumbed to the heart and life
Congrats and fantastic work, PSM. This one was my favorite.
Silver Congrats PSM . . . . Great caricature, really like the background and effects as well, nice work.
Great caricature work, PSM. Congrats on the silver.
Thanks a lot. Pcrdds, SteveGSQ, qtrmoonshop, Newsy. and was a wonderful contest.
Id like to say Awesome stuff.... Loved this entry..well done
i enjoy a lot when i see your work ... your caricatures always express joy. -------------------------------------------- my friend a great congrats for your silver
thanks goat. super......... Grazie amico Riccardo. commento meraviglioso. molto onorato. thanks goat. super... Thanks friend Richard. wonderful comment. very honored.
Triple thanks Sunshin.

Fox Football PlayerFunny Fox Football Player
Member reactions:

Like the FOXY very Much Nice Focusing on the object

Flying FoxFunny Flying Fox - Photoshop this Indian flying fox image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: dressing up this Indian flying fox, making the flying fox perform some stunts, putting the Indian flying fox into some unusual environment, using this flying fox image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Tarique Sani for providing the source photo.

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