Run Forrest, Run!
Run Forrest, Run!
Run Forrest, Run!. Foresst Gump vs. Bubble Head Nurse Run Forrest, Run.
Member reactions:
Love the american gothic in the background
I don't think she even hit the ball and that's all I got to say about that.
Thanks, Gumpster, I believe your right. Thanks, Evirio. Good Eye. Coolkat, that is his Jenny. Hi, Esqueleto. Great Name.
My momma always told me life is like a box of chocolates, but what am I doing here. Looks really good.
Thank you, Hobbit. You really do, Never know what you gonna get.
Xlent chop hidden. Nod-nod-wink-wink. AG source in the "background" is a cherry on top. good find.
Love your color palette and the overall querkiness. Don't know what it all means---but draws you in to puzzle it out. I especially like the unexpected angles of familiar items---like Forest on the bench and the American Gothic couple. Making the familiar odd is a good way to grab attention. Very nice. Adding to faves.
Thanks, Hit-man. Yes the American Gothic image was a good find. High res could easily be the feature in a different chop. Thanks for the comment, Crafty... I believe LunaC answered your question below. Thank you very much, Joan. Thanks, LunaC. Quirky labels this image perfectly. It's also very reflective the artist who assembled it... I'm pleased you like it. And Thank you very kindly for the Fave.
Frankly, I think this should have won the gold
SlapShot, you did a fantastic job here, congrats.
Congrats, never thought of combining Forest Gump and Silent Hill.
Not surprised. Congrats on the silver cup and well done chop...
Congrats on the Silver. I think he spots some 'Resident Evil' hounds coming his way.
Thanks for all the great comments and votes, Everyone. Great Idea Bob. Thank you LunaC. It was a close one with a lot of super images.
Splat, another artwork to make you think what's going on. Love the AG in the BG. Congrats on the silver.

Funny OLD Forrest Gump and Jenny

OLD Forrest Gump and Jenny
Tom Hanks,Tom Hanks junior,Robin Wright

Funny Jabba the Hutt in Forrest Gump movie

Jabba the Hutt in Forrest Gump movie
Member reactions:
great humor, LunaC.
Congratulations, LunaC. Funny Stuff. I'd love to listen in on this conversation.
A fantastic idea and great looking chop. Congrats on the Wood, Lunac.

Funny Woman with a Bunny in the Forrest

Woman with a Bunny in the Forrest
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Gold, I had a feeling it might be yours, beyond excellent job
Pretty. Congrats on the gold. I meant to say earlier that it is nice to see you mix it up a little. And green is my blue lately. So you could not miss on this one. Cheers
Beautiful work Uncle Funk , Congrats on the Gold. ... is that a tat, or a pure birthmark.
A little different for you Funk. I thought it was you, but wasn't sure. Congrats.
Thanks all. Yeah I try to mix it up every once in a while. I wouldn't want to get pigeonholed, and it keeps things interesting.
Super. Love the little extras and the way you transformed the scene to your liking.

Funny Forrest Gump at the Bus Stop at Night

Forrest Gump at the Bus Stop at Night

Funny Forrest Hump Sitting Upside Down

Forrest Hump Sitting Upside Down

Funny Brad Pitt as Forrest Gump

Brad Pitt as Forrest Gump
Brad Pitt has been nominated as Best Actor. The Yellowhammer is Alabama's State Bird. The movie Selma is set in Alabama, where Forrest Gump was set. Tom Hanks who played Forrest Gump and the movie itself swept the board winning a clutch of Oscars.
Member reactions:
blending is great, but the bird ,brad and the dog could use softer edges to match the main photo.
Thank you jerimix. I will do my best to follow your advice.
Thank you all of you. tim I am glad you like it ...
Very Nice, U showed us Brad's inner Gump,Great Job. Would love to see Brad as Forrest Gump 2 haha What's Lil Chihuahua's name.

Funny Dead Forrest Gump

Dead Forrest Gump
Member reactions:
Outside of the box chop. Love how you changed the classic Gump quote.
funny to me also

Funny Man Sleeping on Forrest Gump

Man Sleeping on Forrest Gump
Member reactions:
Brilliant. Great idea and implemented so well.

Funny Soccer Players in the Forrest with the Obamas

Soccer Players in the Forrest with the Obamas
Member reactions:
Funny, but dunno why it has to be so crowded with a bunch of sources that have no connection to each other

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