Socialists Form The Union
Socialists Form The Union
Socialists Form The Union. Member reactions:
My God, I can see this really coming true, Darn Good pic and Scary.
Lol Hobbit. Great expressions, nicely done.
Tim, you got the TRUE looks of these crazies, I wish they all would go back to Hades, Congrats on your win.
You captured them perfectly, Hits. Bronze Grats.
Congrats, Hits. You certainly have a way with the eyes.
Thank you my friends. I'm happy you got a little entertainment

Funny Darwin's Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Darwin's Endless Forms Most Beautiful
Member reactions:
Very cool. Luv the shadows and the interesting font.
cool one crusader , keep going to the best

Funny Frog Eating a Tax Form

Frog Eating a Tax Form
It works with goats and dogs, why not frogs..

Funny IRS Tax Form Game

IRS Tax Form Game
Member reactions:
the text and the numbers without rectangle willbe looks betther

Funny Democrat IRS form

Democrat IRS form
In order to support all of the promises made by the Democratic Party, they have create the new EZ-ALL form to fund all of the insane programs they can come up with.
Member reactions:
A simplified IRS form. Preposterous.
Ha, neat idea. Leaving aside the insane programs, I don't even think it would cover the deficit they are inheriting...
you must now pay for the Sins of your redheaded disfuncional step-fathers
Step 2. If the total amount is zero, start looking for a job

Funny New IRSTax Form

New  IRSTax Form
printable version
Member reactions:
Why did you change the image. It was much much better

Funny Mars Rover & Martian Life Forms

Mars Rover & Martian Life Forms
See Bro. Look over there, I told you, if we waited long enough, another one of these scooters would show up.. That one's probably better than this one I'm riding. Hop on up there and we'll see if we can find another one of those shiny thingies we've been dragging behind this slow POS.

Funny Mars Life Forms

Mars Life Forms
Please try to view full for all the details
Member reactions:
Yep sure is I made the cute little fella from scratch.
Counting another one to let people know who did the work on it before the contest ended, vote for me vote for me
I would really like to say what was my 1st reaction to your comment, but being the "good mannered girl" L0L I am I will just say to you, it is & has never been about the winning to me if I do the best I can ,I am a winner to start with, I do not need yours nor other kudo's, I like the site & the learning & do my best to support both, & if you knew the person I was as others do you may have an idea....Now, back to the real world *cheesy grin*

Funny US Customs Form

US Customs Form
More paperwork...

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