Forgot to take the passenger
Forgot to take the passenger
Forgot to take the passenger.

Funny First go, Second go, Third be ready ...Parachutes do not forget!

First go, Second go, Third be ready ...Parachutes do not forget!

Funny Don't Forget to Floss

Don't Forget to Floss
Member reactions:
My Max won.. I have to tell him Thanks.....
ONE OF THOSE 9'S IS FROM ME. i'LL EXPECT THE SPLIT VIA wESTERN uNION hAHAHHA great CHOP kERRI ....Ooops cap lock Congrats on the gold kiddo.
congrats Pree, this acually made me for real. brilliant

Funny Forget Him

Forget Him
Member reactions:
Interesting appearance of Trump. He looks almost sick.

Funny Christina Forgot Her Clothes Again

Christina Forgot Her Clothes Again
Christina's World -Source
Member reactions:
yea and let me guess, You can't put her back now because of this site's work safe policy. I'll just have to imagine her.
Oh yea,,, If I imagine her as an ugly girl I'm gonna take off a few points from this chop.
She might be running around in one of the other paintings. Maybe she stole someoneelse's clothes.
Awesome job done in removing the Christina from her clothes good one

Funny Barack Obama the Forgotten Man

Barack Obama the Forgotten Man
”The Forgotten Man” by Jon McNaughton: ”The Forgotten Man” by Jon McNaughton was used as background for the picture. We have to stop unconstitutional actions from Barack Obama administration. This is the first step needed to make, to get the country back on the road of restoration. "Forgotten "MAN" has to be "Happy "MAN".
Member reactions:
Too Hilarious .... Romney and Ryan packed their luggage to White House and foot print on Obama pants creates all humor to the whole pic

Funny Poker Dogs Forget the Cards

Poker Dogs Forget the Cards
OK, let's all look at our hands - This is BOOORRRRING... Cassius Coolidge - A Friend In Need - c1910
Member reactions:
I kid you not,, I started to do this very same chop. Very good.
Sorry Gummy. I got beat out time-wise with this picture and the dinosaur heads a few weeks ago (but put it in anyway, after doing all the work). You know what they say - great minds think alike
Now the table is empty good work find the missing link ...
It is kind of a boring picture with all the "fun stuff" removed
Thanks everyone. My first A+++ and "major" award. Very cool.
Insta-classic. Congrats on the bronze, AJS.

Funny Forgotten American War Criminals - Bush Rice Cheney and Powell

Forgotten American War Criminals - Bush Rice Cheney and Powell
FOUR WAR CRIMINALS... ALL FORGOTTEN... ------------------------------------- "MAYBE ONE DAY WE WILL BE A DIVINE PUNISHMENT" .... WE HOPE. -------------------------------------
Member reactions:
, it looks like you used every source image ever created...awesome job
That's funny the real CRIMINALS are still in the White House, Obama and his goonies.
Yikes. It's HIDDEN and he's at it again. Beauty.
I disagree with your premise, but it's a great, great job, nonetheless.
Absolutely great but these war criminals will not be forgotten ,Never .....
Where's Rumsfeld. Or is he one of the rats..... Great job
Awesome. I Love the Cheney character especially.
Amen, they are all twins and hope there may some day again be another good one. Light seems dark in the tunnel tho and we're in alot of trouble. Very well done pic.
this should be hanged on a wall somewhere. Great Effort and Job Smokey Hidden
I'm such a fan of all the little detail work that you do that makes your images stand out in a crowd. Brilliant work.
So, do people pretend not to know your stuff or is it just an unmentioned "thing" that everyone knows who did this. For the whole caricature deal, it's good.
So very very clever, on so many levels. It is worthy of publication as many people would love to hang it on their wall. It would take hours to fully appreciate all the work that has gone into this wonderful image. It really captures the horror those people caused. Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'
This is truly amazing work ... Great work on the Pig with a Hat and holding the flag of Public Debt... Excellent caricatured heads nicely done and overall very good on this chop
Awesome work on smoke and great effects love it.
10 out of 10 Perfect. Hat on the rat Superb.
Great piece, Ricky. Lots of work and details. Congrats on winning the gold ,mate.
Congratulations Rickytrek. I am British, like you we see the uncensored news of the terrifying things that go on.
Rickytrek, I thought this was your chop but, wasn't sure. You have done a wonderful job as always. Love it.
Congrats on the gold Ricky, is much deserved your style is amazing..

Funny Don't Forget Your Lamp

Don't Forget Your Lamp
Member reactions:
This is called intelligence of work. Great thought and nicely executed. Perfect shading and face expressions.
perfect execution of the sea effects on a curtain like this concept and wonderful pic
Thanks everybody, glad you like, glad it actually turned out.
deaddog fabulous ..... you used so many elements.. congrats .
my god deaddog this was absolutely brilliant...congrats on your silver
Best entry by far.. Should've won in my humble opinion. Brilliant..
Lovely chop, every-time I see this AND bang; just lost in illusion

Funny Land that Time Forgot

Land that Time Forgot
"Now that's a Boys Own Adventure Story."

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