Carrot In The Forest
Carrot In The Forest
Carrot In The Forest. Member reactions:
Great work... like the Carrot Mustache well done
It looks like nite time growing pains. Fantastic job of Carrot Morphing.
Carrots beard is a clever touch but should be darker
The sun goes down on occasion NewsMaster

Funny forest monster

forest monster
forest monster
Member reactions:

Funny Hide in the Forest

Hide in the Forest
Member reactions:
Wish the guy resembled Yanukovich more. Funny idea though
Caricature Maybe clink here
A Perfect way to get themselves hide in good the tree

Funny Prehistoric forest discovered

Prehistoric forest discovered
Prehistoric forest arises in Cardigan Bay after storms strip away sand
Member reactions:
I can imagine how those forests may look like.... good you have share this news
I love the way you think. You must have an interesting mind and perspective. Great chop

Funny Woman Walking in the Forest with a Wolf Digital Art

Woman Walking in the Forest with a Wolf Digital Art
The forest is beautiful in the winter--but also dangerous. That is why she takes her wolf and sword with her for the walk.

Funny Bigfoot the Forest Ranger

Bigfoot the Forest Ranger
Member reactions:
This would be the most protective idea to protect forest like it
thank you guys this was anice experience: i had to create most of the guard shirt and i could have done it more perfect but it was too looong ...

Funny Forest Jump

Forest Jump
Member reactions:
Great idea . I love it, I would arrange the "tom hanks is" differently though, but that's me
Bump is misspelled as Jump and Tom Hanks make this real by jumping

Funny Forest Fairy Doll

Forest Fairy Doll
Member reactions:
So Cute Very Innocent Excellent Work done hidden
This looks so cute like a barbie doll.... amazing background chosen and lovely flower garden So beautiful and lovely chop
Very nice . I wouldn't put the stars in the sky though... but that's me...
I think she is an adult. Has a mature face. Or am I really just toomold to tell anymore Nice one

Funny Bird House in the Forest

Bird House in the Forest
Member reactions:
Nice house... got some worms also to save the food for winter ahead good one well done with sources
You've created very charming, cute mini world. Love it.
congratulations on your gold award Ariel9

Funny Forest Ranger Vladimir Putin

Forest Ranger Vladimir Putin
Member reactions:
Thanks NewsMaster. ; ) Sorry I have not been around much as of late. They have me quite busy at present. No time out for fun. I am relegated to throwing something together over coffee. Hopefully I will get a bit of a break in scheduling soon. : )

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