Shorty Ford GT40
Shorty Ford GT40
Shorty Ford GT40. Source

Funny Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford

Funny Harrison Ford. little eyes little mouth

Harrison Ford. little eyes little mouth
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Top 5 mate. I see you are honing your caricature skills.

Funny Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford

Funny Harrison Ford's Utopia

Harrison Ford's Utopia

Funny Ford


Funny Ford Pony 1967

Ford Pony 1967
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Pony. Indeed. 5 liter death trap like the 289 Sunbeam Tiger You have a flair for excellent miniaturizing

Funny Nosy Ford

Nosy Ford

Funny Short GT Ford

Short GT Ford
The source
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Great chop and congrats on the cup. You are making a trademark style for yourself
Nice job. You should start moving towards perspective pics of cars, I'm sure you can do it.

Funny Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford in the X Files

Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford in the X Files

Funny What's wrong with Rob Ford?

What's wrong with Rob Ford?
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is causing a lot of news buzz last days. He admitted to smoking crack and using other illegal drugs, mixing excessive drinking with drugs, and reckless driving under influence. On Monday Toronto City Council stripped the underfire mayor of most of his powers, though keeping his title so far. During the City Council meeting, Rob Ford knocked over a city councilor, as he charged around the chamber. Photoshop Toronto Mayor Rob Ford any way you wish.

Funny Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford turned 70 last Friday. Seventy! Back in the 1970s, Harrison was just another struggling actor trying to make ends meet in Hollywood. He was hired to build cabinets at the home of director George Lucas, and the rest was history. George cast him "American Graffiti" and gave him his big break as Han Solo in "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope." Harrison went on to play to play Indiana Jones in four films, and Jack Ryan in two Tom Clancy book adaptations. The King of Coolness later starred in Blade Runner, Air Force One, Witness, Patriot Games, The Fugitive and more hit films than we can even list here. Happy 70th Birthday, Harrison! To mark the 70th birthday of Harrison Ford, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny Ford Products

Ford Products
Ford Motor Co. which lost $6 billion on North American operations alone, said it expects to burn up $10 billion in cash to run its business through 2009 and spend another $7 billion to invest in new products. Will they have to go back to the basics by resurrecting the Model T? In this contest you are asked to photoshop what products Ford can produce to turn the company around. Show how they will use the 7 billion dollar new product investment (such as a Model T Ford with modern features), create a new advertising campaign.

Funny Ford Cars

Ford Cars
Henry Ford once said his dream was to create a car that every American family can afford. Nonetheless, Americans are buying more Toyotas than Fords and Ford is suffering losses bigger than expected. Ford strategic advisors are now on the cost-cutting quest to save leading American car manufacturer from bankruptcy. In this contest you are asked help Ford by showing how they can cut costs by producing new cars with some parts being really cheap - e.g. rusted doors from older cars models, parts from cars being in car accidents, tires from old cars being different size, saloon seats made of wood, flashlights instead of front lights, etc. The key is to change only part(s) (not the whole car) of otherwise new good Ford car, and that part(s) have to be really cheap - either parts from older cars, or made from some cheap materials. Try to use photos of brand new "shiny" Ford cars, so that the difference with the changed parts is obvious.

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