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Funny Ford Pictures

Harrison FordFunny Harrison Ford
Member reactions:

Stunningly homely female hahahaha well done

'Selfie' at Ford's TheatreFunny 'Selfie' at Ford's Theatre
Member reactions:

Collection of wonderful and crazy expressions.
One of the best contest. Excellent picture.
This Looks great Nice Effects..Nice expression..
Impressive composition and even more impressive execution. Hats off.
I thought this would win. It's my favorite, really awesome.
Well assembled... Great work Jim. Congrats on the cup
Hi Jim an excellent wood cup, deserve more, my congratsss

Ford Re-Elected AND Leafs Win The CupFunny Ford Re-Elected AND Leafs Win The Cup
Member reactions:

Time Magazines "Crack Smoking Man of the Year".
Yep, not heard the last from this space cadet Nice job indeed.

rob ford cracks me upFunny rob ford cracks me up
Member reactions:

Great. A few things I'd fix...the coins up by the shoulders are "disappearing," I'd stick the cig more into his mouth, and I'd make the shadows on his body relate to the underlying skin color.
thanks for the tips paul......its too late i'm afraid, i flattened my work so i cant go back in and change it. I am out of practice . Havent been doing any pics as of late.
It's still a great chop, hidden. Excellent caricature. Always be sure to save an un-flattened one.
follow doc.paul tips..and it will be a magnificant chop.and keep ur job unflattened...nice work
thanks guys for all the comments. Its funny how much I've missed doing these chops.
OUT OF THIS WORLD. He is so funny character, have seen him high and talkative on the video.. Best self explanatory chop for him
Ahhhhh, this is awesome... Would definitely leave a mark in the Rob Ford contest we had
Welcome Back, and congratulations on the Silver Cup Robin. Great Picture...
Silver congrats, Robin, and welcome back.
Although I could write what the first one. Fantastic, excellent and very creative work. Congratulations on the second place and the silver cup cooking.

Ford NationFunny Ford Nation
Member reactions:

He got all his stuff at his place Like the Bong and the smoke effects
I'm going to miss Rob Ford, the TV News has become my favorite comedy show
Oh, Rob, we'll all miss you. He was one grazy sonofabitch.
Congratulations, D Man. It's bright, bold, and clean. Fantastic job
Thanks everyone....Toronto sure is an interesting place to live these days.

Shameless Rob FordFunny Shameless Rob Ford
Member reactions:

Rob has a lucrative career as an actor waiting for him once they run him out of Toronto.
Like the poster shameless so realistic
Brilliant concept, everything is perfectly placed and looking real. Congratulations, L C..
This was very nicely done... Congrats on the Bronze LunaC...

As seen through Mayor Ford's eyesFunny As seen through Mayor Ford's eyes
Member reactions:

Oh Canada, Why have you forsaken me, Eh.
Very clever satire. Yeah that's how he sees himself Kinda reminds me the scene from Monty Python

Rob Ford - 420 Blaze ItFunny Rob Ford - 420 Blaze It
Member reactions:

Blaze it pimpgot

The Confessins of St. FordFunny The Confessins of St. Ford
Member reactions:

Toronto Mayor Admits Smoking Crack
This story just keeps getting better every day.
Like the cartoon confession and at last he did it really

Member reactions:

Good caricature... like the texture of the skin
Great job DDB. You did not loose his likeness at all. Eric, here is a tutorial to create these things... Face Modification

What's wrong with Rob Ford?Funny What's wrong with Rob Ford? - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is causing a lot of news buzz last days. He admitted to smoking crack and using other illegal drugs, mixing excessive drinking with drugs, and reckless driving under influence. On Monday Toronto City Council stripped the underfire mayor of most of his powers, though keeping his title so far. During the City Council meeting, Rob Ford knocked over a city councilor, as he charged around the chamber. Photoshop Toronto Mayor Rob Ford any way you wish.

Harrison FordFunny Harrison Ford - Harrison Ford turned 70 last Friday. Seventy! Back in the 1970s, Harrison was just another struggling actor trying to make ends meet in Hollywood. He was hired to build cabinets at the home of director George Lucas, and the rest was history. George cast him "American Graffiti" and gave him his big break as Han Solo in "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope." Harrison went on to play to play Indiana Jones in four films, and Jack Ryan in two Tom Clancy book adaptations. The King of Coolness later starred in Blade Runner, Air Force One, Witness, Patriot Games, The Fugitive and more hit films than we can even list here. Happy 70th Birthday, Harrison! To mark the 70th birthday of Harrison Ford, photoshop him any way you wish.

Ford ProductsFunny Ford Products - Ford Motor Co. which lost $6 billion on North American operations alone, said it expects to burn up $10 billion in cash to run its business through 2009 and spend another $7 billion to invest in new products. Will they have to go back to the basics by resurrecting the Model T? In this contest you are asked to photoshop what products Ford can produce to turn the company around. Show how they will use the 7 billion dollar new product investment (such as a Model T Ford with modern features), create a new advertising campaign.

Ford CarsFunny Ford Cars - Henry Ford once said his dream was to create a car that every American family can afford. Nonetheless, Americans are buying more Toyotas than Fords and Ford is suffering losses bigger than expected. Ford strategic advisors are now on the cost-cutting quest to save leading American car manufacturer from bankruptcy. In this contest you are asked help Ford by showing how they can cut costs by producing new cars with some parts being really cheap - e.g. rusted doors from older cars models, parts from cars being in car accidents, tires from old cars being different size, saloon seats made of wood, flashlights instead of front lights, etc. The key is to change only part(s) (not the whole car) of otherwise new good Ford car, and that part(s) have to be really cheap - either parts from older cars, or made from some cheap materials. Try to use photos of brand new "shiny" Ford cars, so that the difference with the changed parts is obvious.

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