Patriots Deflating Footballs
Patriots Deflating Footballs
Patriots Deflating Footballs. NFL Probes Patriots In "Deflate-gate"
Member reactions:
Why on earth would they want to. I don't believe a player did it.

Funny American Seahawk Football Player

American Seahawk Football Player
Headed to the Super Bowl with one of the best 3 minute come from behind wins in playoff history.
Member reactions:
Great Blend, DD. And the military love watching football p.s. New England Patriots 41 Seattle Seahawks 24
Is that with their deflated balls UC. Thanks for the compliment and everyone else too.
Come on now DD, that's still under investigation. HaHaHaHa

Funny Football Players Playing on Ice

Football Players Playing on Ice

Funny Peyton Manning Breaks Football Touchdown Record

Peyton Manning Breaks Football Touchdown Record
Peyton Manning breaks Brett Favre's touchdown record It doesn't look like Brett Favre is too pleased with Manning breaking his record of 508 touchdown passes.
Member reactions:
Some problem of persective. Hand is behind the head on the right but is much greater than head.
The hand was purposely made bigger, stress the fact that it's his most powerful weapon. And, it is NOT BEHIND the head. No problems with perspective, just perception.

Funny Scottish Player Kicking British Football

Scottish Player Kicking British Football
Member reactions:
Love the cat Dear. (heavy British accent)

Funny Madden Video Football Game Shrinks Player

Madden Video Football Game Shrinks Player
Madden Football Programming Glitch Shrinks One Player to 14"
Member reactions:
I think it's good that you took out the other player.
The little guy doesn't need any help
Super duper work, very professional idea and amazing execution
. I thought this one would place higher too. Very nice.

Funny Lionel Messi Playing Football

Lionel Messi Playing Football
Member reactions:
Excellent job even if his head coul be bigger
Thank you, Elegary, Suni, Luciano, Eric, Doc, Canine, Wanderer and 420. I am pleasantly surprised. This was a last second decision to enter as I really have no clue who this man is So striking a close likeness can be tricky. Thanks for the votes too. The head is small to exaggerate the big muscled body more. It is a stereotype
GREAT pic. Congrats on Gold. If the logos on ball and glove were non-dyslexic, it would be PERFECT.
Congrads on the Gold Cup,always in wonderment.
I Know huh. Everybody missed that including me I did fix it for the Facebook issue and it looks fine but the contest is closed so I can't correct it on the FN page. Oh well, I guess the message carried it to a cup and anyone that did catch the mistake and gave me forgiveness... Thank you.
Congrats on the gold, Hits, fine work. You can email me the edited version and I will upload it for you
Thanks all. Okay Newsey, I sent it but not sure about the size. I think outlook limits the size. The file I sent was 490 KB or pretty close. Thanks .
Congrats. errr bested again by the hitman..
Awesome photochop.. Gold Congrats HitMan..

Funny Danny DeVito Playing Football

Danny DeVito Playing Football
Member reactions:
Could be excellent if you correct his face which is too yellow, and darken a bit shadows.
Decent work. Would be nice to match the skin colors indeed

Funny End of the Football Season

End of the Football Season
Member reactions:
Excellent chop, but I would consider brightening shadows here. It's hard to see much through them

Funny Dinosaurs Playing Football

Dinosaurs Playing Football
Member reactions:
Overall it looks a little busy. Still I like the concept
Agree with mrvman. I would stick to the same concept and make it less crowded
A bit hard to distinguish elements. Love the idea.
Like the scales on his legs...good perfect match to the faces poor little piggy

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