Sisters Following the Yellow Brick Road
Sisters Following the Yellow Brick Road
Sisters Following the Yellow Brick Road. Member reactions:
Like the Yellow Path and crazy creatures crawling behind
Amazing work here, some one forgot shoe, lady with Human Lion, Rainbow, Jungle with Greenery effect, Yellow Bricks its fantastic place to hang out

Funny Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Riding a Horse Following Benjamin Netanyahu Riding a Camel

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Riding a Horse Following Benjamin Netanyahu Riding a Camel
Israel blames Iran Re-Edited this chop & put Benjamin Netanyahu in , since he's the one who gets all the News Press & Blame ,LoL ...
Member reactions:
Shouldn't it be Netanyahu on the camel instead of Peres.
,Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under Shimon Peres who is the President of Israel ...
But it was Netanyahu who made the statements.
This IS absolutely beautifully done, though.
Thx Paul ... -
Its 6:00 (18:00 European Time)at night PSM . Have a Heart ....
Hahahaha ,i will get with you on Facebook to learn more about light source , I know your good at it ... Hugs bro .
One of the few entries where I actually don't mind the Topaz filters.
Thx Vicspa , when i work with topaz , i try not to make the filter that i'm using sooooo dramatic ....
A small touch of topaz is nice to sharpen the line nice work..
Well done "hidden"... nice looking chop, well composed and executed. ... one small nitpick: The drop shadow on the bullets should be to the right, opposite of where the light source is coming from.
Give it up HIDDEN-the Voters are eating you for lunch...I mean Dinner. (lighting-lighting-lighting... )
This is soooo minor people , lets nikpick some more ....
Great and Marvelous job done here like this work with the cloudy sky and the and camels
Good Composed & very well executed Superb. All the Best
Come on guys, lets get along... What's Topaz anyway. Always thought it was a gem stone.
The intention of my comment is truly constructive ... not meant to offend you in any way, hidden. I was not looking to find fault, it was something I noticed right away . I do feel, there are no details too small to overlook.
Its all good Billy , I'm glad you pointed it out ...
Teach me sir , its awesome. How did you made his face texture so clear and shine..Its fantastic
It's all good, indeed.
Silver congrats, Chili Man. Only thing missing is a Yarmulke on the camel. .
Hahaha , thx for giving me a laugh Paul ....
Thx everyone ...
Silver congrats, Chili. You've been cooking those great political chops lately and they taste great.
Silver Congrats Chili great work. (If it weren't for the shadow on the bullets, you might have won the gold )

Funny Evil Demon Says Follow Me to Woman

Evil Demon Says Follow Me to Woman
Member reactions:
Nice Mystical image cool and good job done well done with the hair and hands

Funny Girl Following the White Rabbit

Girl Following the White Rabbit

Funny Follow The Angel

Follow The Angel
Titel: Follow The Angel Autor: "Exploding Art" Fotograf: "MURDOC the PSYCHO" Picture was made for my mum, in memory of my granny. She has a picture of an angel over her bed. So i decided to do a modern version of this old picture.
Member reactions:
Thanks a lot Kellie and NewsMaster, appreciate your comments a lot

Funny Follow Barack Obama

Follow Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Clever satire. I like how you made him follow the eagle and fall from the cliff unexpectedly.

Funny Following the Moon

Following the Moon
Member reactions:
This is so weird and so awesome at the same time. It's out of this world. I love it.
love the rushing water on either side of the serene water path, i must steal that idea for a future chop..... whole image is very surreal, i dont know where to look and i dont care cause i still enjoy staring at the whole thing, wd
Really strange and cool image... Congrats fleek
Congrats Fleek, love that tree-hand-island Indiana Jones discovers the Transcendental Zone.
bronze congrats fleeek you keep highing nice job

Funny Penguins Following a Bottle Opener

Penguins Following a Bottle Opener

Funny People Following the Joker

People Following the Joker

Funny Little Boy Following his Father's Ghost

Little Boy Following his Father's Ghost
Member reactions:
Oh man... that one gets you right "there".
Unusual idea - good one Congratulations on the bronze, John.

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