Foggy Ride in the Country
Foggy Ride in the Country
Foggy Ride in the Country.

Funny Walking in Foggy London

Walking in Foggy London
A friend of mine went on a trip came back and told me of how run down some of the buildings were, so I chopped a pic of what I thought it might look like.
Member reactions:
Reminds me of my trip to the Netherlands. Cold, damp, dark with grey sky's, but all and all still quite romantic.
Great chop, but the framing is unneeded I think
yea I kinda thought the same, that is my daughters lil touch/idea, I teach her as I do them.

Funny A Woman on a Foggy Morning

A Woman on a Foggy Morning
One Foggy Morning

Funny Men on Foggy Bench

Men on Foggy Bench
Member reactions:
Hard-hitting image--emotionally. Excellent concept expertly realized. Really gives me chills. Conveys abandonment, neglect in a mere glance. Much impressed.
Wipes a tear. Nicely done and an important chop.

Funny Foggy Phone Booths

Foggy Phone Booths

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