Radio Flyer
Radio Flyer
Radio Flyer. You eat 3 of those Gummies you'll be flying alright.
Member reactions:
Fantastic work, Gummy. Gummy bears and phone very nice touch.

Funny Missing Man Flier on Doorstep

Missing Man Flier on Doorstep
He has been missing for 3 days. We need your help... Él ha estado desaparecido durante 3 días. Necesitamos su ayuda...
Member reactions:
Congrats on the silver oo0cns0oo, but your entry was the best by far...

Funny Highway Flyer Kids Toy

Highway Flyer Kids Toy
Member reactions:
Made in China with fine Chinese lead. This can't be safe.

Funny Roof Top Flyer

Roof Top Flyer

Funny Frequent Flyer

Frequent Flyer
President Bush asked the nation to conserve on fuel. Meanwhile, he's been taking Air Force One (not to mention all the helicopters and motorcades) back and forth to the gulf coast for those all-important photo ops to show he cares. Cost to the taxpayers, at over $6,000 per hour in jet fuel, roughly $170,000 so far. See news and commentary. The new Air Force One shown above should be much more fuel efficient, plus the president gets to wear that fun "mission-accomplished" flight suit again.
Member reactions:
Although this is a unique idea. I think you should be aware that the money used to fuel the helicopters and jets used to transport the President and any other Military personnel is paid for by the United States Government from a special fund set aside just for that purpose. We as taxpayers do not pay for their fuel. I just want to know why everyone blames the President when something goes wrong and he has to go there. He is concerned and is trying to help the people that are homeless,injured and missing from the hurricanes. Give the guy a break already. Stop dogging him and let him do his job. How would you like it if everyone complained about YOU every time something went wrong in the world.
maybe because he`s an idiot.

Funny High Flyers Club

High Flyers Club
just me and my boyz taking a private jet trip around the world...
Member reactions:
im the guy in the back left with a tie these are all my homeboyz : )

Funny Ploar Bear Snow Clearing Company Flier

Ploar Bear Snow Clearing Company Flier

Funny High flyer

High flyer
With the development of anti gravity, man can fly.
Member reactions:
Smooth entry. Seems to be needing something, maybe an anti-grav belt.
Nice idea. I think a bit more searching for a pic of the man could have helped.
had enough bother finding that one, it was partly hand drawn.
Nothing wrong with simplicity

Funny VTec Flyer

VTec Flyer
RC hover car with miniaturized booster rockets. source
Member reactions:
Those are booster engines from the looks of it .

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