Fluffy Horse
Fluffy Horse
Fluffy Horse. Perhaps I should have chopped him with a lighter head.
Member reactions:
You guys are close, a poodle is not much better than a sheep. He's just a little top heavy.

Funny Fluffy Dog with an Owl Face

Fluffy Dog with an Owl Face
Member reactions:
My, what beautiful eye's you have dear. Are they really orange or are those contacts. Cute chop.
Looks like the princes of the house never know when it will fly

Funny Woman Holding a Fluffy Puppy Camel Hybrid

Woman Holding a Fluffy Puppy Camel Hybrid
Member reactions:
The girl reminds me, exactly, of one of my neighbors. I hate her Shih Tzu that barks incessantly. Does your Puppy Camel bark. I hope not. Funny concept-Good Luck.
ooow, very nice is this one.. love it i give 10 of course good luck hidden
She is so cute and shiny.... great execution... really love this pic... wonderful job
thanks.... I enjoyed the contest... I love morphing creatures..
Beautiful and cute. My fav in the contest, silver congrats Pree.
Hahaha, this is such a cutie camel. Congrats on the silver, Pree.
Congratz on the Silver... well done and funny..

Funny Fluffy Dinosaur Dog

Fluffy Dinosaur Dog
Member reactions:
Scary enough it could kill its prey with her smile only

Funny Woman Riding a Green Fluffy Elephant

Woman Riding a Green Fluffy Elephant
Member reactions:
Whoa this is amazing what u done with the source.
Very creative and well done, love the green elephant.
Félicitations Marks . Beau travail comme d'habitude

Funny Cute Plushie Fluffy Dragon

Cute Plushie Fluffy Dragon
The dragon was made with the plushie parts of the bear and some transformation
Member reactions:
Dragon with Bear combination, nice creative job

Funny Fluffy Cat with Flipped Face

Fluffy Cat with Flipped Face

Funny Dachshund in Fluffy Pink Outfit

Dachshund in Fluffy Pink Outfit
I don't have time to do something from scratch so throwing this PS I did of our dog earlier. She has, by the way, a pink nose that goes with this particular color for dachshunds.
Member reactions:
Hummmm. Wonder who this could be. Very Nice Job
Thanks for the comments. Unlike most blondes I know, she's a natural.
Knew that was a Doxie original, love it, go girl

Funny Bernanke with Fluffy Ears

Bernanke with Fluffy Ears

Funny Fluffy the Vampire Slayer

Fluffy the Vampire Slayer

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