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Funny Flu Pictures

Flu the CoopFunny Flu the Coop
Member reactions:
for Nassau, why get sick.
The bird is so sick that all the feathers got fallen Good representation of the disease here

Big BIrd FluFunny Big BIrd Flu
Member reactions:

Big BIrd Flu
Out of the box, very interesting chop I like its eye
Awesome... her eyes are red with dull face looks feverish and crying because of the flu Get Well soon.... buddy... great job done Love the concept
Wood Cup Congrats to go with your Bronze and Gold Mundo...

Spreading the FluFunny Spreading the Flu
Member reactions:
Spreading the Flu
Fantastic concept and very nicely done with these 3 birds Lovely work with the middle one
They are spreading more Flu... Poor little bird is already suffering and its friends spreading good photography and good work of droplets showering
Bronze Congrats to go with your Gold Mundo.

Flu Funny Flu
Member reactions:

Flu chicken
Crazy bird testing all the options available to get rid of the flu Good job done in showing the after effects of flu and the temperature rising on her
Congrats Mundo. Back on top where you belong.

Bird FluFunny Bird Flu
Member reactions:

New guidelines for bird flu research
Hmmm, I recognize that style hahahaha Sweet chop
Thanks PCRDDS, Hitspinner and PSMandrake. Hits--I'd be surprised if you've guessed me correctly. This is a departure from my "usual".
Well, it's Funkwood quality with a sprinkling of Hitspinner and Paul... I guess hahaha who knows. You could be Pre just laying off the contrast controls ..... Yep, no clue really Exmatastic work...
None of those--but I'm honored to be named in the same breath with any of them.
I'll keep my guess to myself, that way I can't be wrong, but I'll hide in the sunshine. Excellent work.
Hidden In my personal opinion. your style is wonderful. and does not resemble any "artist" "I love your work" because they are "unique"
I prefer to hide in the moonlight. Sort of crazy, I guess.
This is exceptional work, congrats in advance
Hysterically wonderful idea and very well composed nice work "hidden" my only nitpick would be that all of the shadows appear to be cast to the left of their related objects except the picture frame which has shadows on all sides I would lose the shadow on the viewer's right side of the picture frame. High marks, nonetheless.
Fantastic Work. It's a Classic. Loved the talons, and the fact that the meat timer says Done. Top Marks. Just a thought, but a blue sky hides in the moonlight. Does it not.
"Another knee-slapper, Gomer."Funny chop.
Interesting Very colorful image and superb job done Best of luck
Awesome entry... Crazy little bird suffering for fever she has bird flu and getting herself treated by seeing the newspaper well done
Lucan congratulations. Awesome chop. one of my favorites.
congrats on your gold lunac most excellent
Thanks everyone. I appreciate "the love" and the high marks.
Truly a work of art. Love it on so many levels. A total feast for eyes for any bird lovers too. Congrats on the gold, Luna.
lunac you made a greaaaaaaaaaat work, a gold really deserve bravo and congrats
Brilliant LunaC. I cannot believe somebody had the cheek to give you a 1. OK they have zero karma, but whoever it is needs glasses.

Super Bird Flu Virus on Time MagazineFunny Super Bird Flu Virus on Time Magazine
Member reactions:

Mutant H5N1 bird flu virus papers to be published in full

Berlusconi with Swine FluFunny Berlusconi with Swine Flu
Member reactions:

The last H1N1 flu case; but absolutely devastating...
good work my friend...5* to you...all the best and success

Cat With Swine FluFunny Cat With Swine Flu
Member reactions:

Iowa Cat Catches Swine Flu
that was amazing weamara keep up top works and big welcome to freakingnews

Barack Obama Swine Flu BrainwashingFunny Barack Obama Swine Flu Brainwashing
Member reactions:

Obama Declares Swine Flu A "National Emergency"
Congrats AZ, beautiful work... Oink Oink
I especially love the looks through the glass. Excellent work. Meert.
Thanks all Swine flu brainswash is also effective to shrinking your noggin down to walnut in 2 weeks.
This is just to darn cute. Good job AZ on the pic and congrats on the win.
I was sure of that you who did this great chop teacher always great always rocker ... congrats on the great gold and keep up top works

Chinese Saw Movie Swine Flu VaccineFunny Chinese Saw Movie Swine Flu Vaccine
Member reactions:

First batches of swine flu vaccine are here MSNBC Saw - Official Movie Site The Sources
Looks a bit scary to me. Impressive stuff.
Nuevamente en el podio, nuevamente entre los top3. Felicidades por el bronce.
Love the white skin. Very intersting composition.
As always FANTASTIC Work congrats on the bronze and keep up great works teacher
On second look, I should have scored this one higher than I did. Clever use of syringes AZ.

Bird FluFunny Bird Flu - Bird flu (avian influenza) outbreak that started in Africa is now spreading to China, Mexico, US, and Europe. The new mutation of this virus is dangerous not only to birds but also to humans, who may get it through close contact with infected birds. If not treated properly within the first week of infection, bird flu can be deadly. Millions of bird flu masks will soon be needed if the virus spreads to any big cities. Photoshop birds being sick with bird flu, and how they may cope with it. Here's a good example.

Swine Flu SchoolsFunny Swine Flu Schools - Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday that people should expect "a big influx" of swine flu cases this fall especially due to the start of the school year. Education Secretary Arne Duncan added: "We got a little bit lucky in the last school year, because the H1N1 didn't surface until very near the end of the academic year. We're not going to be so lucky this year." Schools with high number of swine flu cases will be quarantined. To help increase the public awareness of swine flu spread in schools, photoshop pigs in schools any way you wish.

Swine Flu MasksFunny Swine Flu Masks - As a Swine Flu protective measure, many people in Mexico and USA started to wear medical masks in public places. More and more people take this necessity with a grain of humor and give their masks some interesting paint jobs - see example 1 and example 2. Take any celebrity or politician and put swine flu mask on them, with some paint job. Let's show what swine flu masks celebrities may(or may not) choose, or the masks they deserve.

Swine FluFunny Swine Flu - Swine Flu fear is shaking the whole world - from Mexico and USA to Spain and Asia and New Zealand. The Swine Flu virus mutated on pigs and is transmitted to humans. Let's hope the world stops the spread of the swine flu virus as soon as possible. Meanwhile, to increase the world awareness of swine flu, merge pigs with any animals or humans any way you wish.

Bird FluFunny Bird Flu - Show how bird flu may affect humans, by making humans resemble birds with their bodies / faces. Feel free to use politicians & celebrities. Make sure your entries are "humans resembling birds", and NOT "birds resembling humans", or your entries will be disqualified.

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