Hurrican Alberto Protest in Florida
Hurrican Alberto Protest in Florida
Hurrican Alberto Protest in Florida. Fed up with both last years rash of hurricanes and increasing numbers of undocumented workers, Bob and Ray decided to hit the beaches.
Member reactions:
Alberto came over after Bush intruduced guest hurricane program

Funny Hurricane Busters in Florida

Hurricane Busters in Florida
First, there was the Ghostbusters. Then came the Mythbusters. Now, there are the Hurricanebusters. source 1 source 2

Funny From Cuba to Florida

From Cuba to Florida
Putting some water between freedom and represion. PLEASE VIEW FULL SIZE IMAGE. VIVA CUBA and VENEZUELA LIBRE...
Member reactions:
Thanks a lot, coming from you is a big compliment...
This is a gr8 image, maybe "clean" up the masking on the outer left (yours) of the bus,beneath the guy fishing, then this would be fantastic
You are all so right, my image needed some improvement so I followed your advice and it looks much nicer know, but I am not allowed to upload the final version so I'll send copies to you guys who made comments. Thanks to all of you...

Funny McDonalds Florida Voting

McDonalds Florida Voting
No more voting booths and boring forms, in florida you vote by eating. Just choose your candidates burger and munch away a sure and healthy vote with a friendly smile. Because the democrats came up with the concept there are bound to be slight swerves in favouritism
Member reactions:
Does this mean every time you order, you vote.
...and what about that green salad - is this a vote for Nader.
Depending on the politics of the Macserver, I'd be afraid of the "special sauce". Good idea and image.
Looks like this is going to be a "Whopper" of a vote......

Funny Florida Marlins Dollars

Florida Marlins Dollars
Umpire Tim Welke seen driving home in a brand new Ferrari.
Member reactions:
Oh. Look at the pretty colors on these 20's.
Very Nice, More shading on those bills would make it great.
Ohhh, YESS. Great idea, great chop. Love it.
A hot dog and a coke sure is getting expensive at these games any more.
This is great. You did a super job with it.
hahahahaha..... hihihihihihihihihh.... ohaaa

Funny Pitching Florida Marlins

Pitching Florida Marlins
Member reactions:
Some can pitch and some can't Watch those balls fly on by -- and who's clocking their speed...

Funny Florida's Drinking Water Polluted

Florida's Drinking Water Polluted
Massive sinkhole leaks more than 200 MILLION gallons of RADIOACTIVE water from fertilizer plant into Florida's main source of drinking water (but plant owners insist there's no risk.)
Member reactions:
I liked this one. Looks like a magazine illustration. Thought it would rank up there.
I live about 30-ish miles north of there. So I'm kinda watching this one.

Funny Welcome to Florida

Welcome to Florida
(JUDGE that judge.)
Member reactions:
Getting the inner urges out of that frame

Funny Florida Incorrect Spelling Road Sign

Florida Incorrect Spelling Road Sign
Only in Florida: Road sign incorrectly spells the state’s name as ‘Flordia’ TWICE.

Funny Florida Voting Ballot Box

Florida Voting Ballot Box
Member reactions:
Laughing high on the floor..this is out of the box, she freaked me

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