Manhattan Subway Flooded
Manhattan Subway Flooded
Manhattan Subway Flooded. Member reactions:
I love the blue colors you used, itīs very deep
Cool idea, but the front of the train is in different perspective that the rest of the train,
Congrats on Gold Manosart the Octopus is getting about in this comp. Like the split water detail.

Funny Flooding in Russia

Flooding in Russia

Funny Christ the Redeemer Flooded

Christ the Redeemer Flooded

Funny The Flood

The Flood
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Member reactions:
Perfect. I would just add a small shadow to the man on the tree.
Congrats, Hobbit. Only Bill Gates is still better in Windows.

Funny Son of Man with an iPhone in a Flood by Magritte

Son of Man with an iPhone in a Flood by Magritte
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Silver ooOOoo. Great Magritte
Good looking chop and very surreal. Congrats on the silver and bronze
Congrats on the silver, cns. Great to see you back.

Funny Flooded FunHouse

Flooded FunHouse

Funny Flood Road Sign

Flood Road Sign
Member reactions:

Funny Woman in Chains Being Flooded with Water

Woman in Chains Being Flooded with Water
just messing around, or maybe not, I've been seeing and thinking about the water shortages in Calif. Az. NM and living it in the panhandle of TX.
Member reactions:
Nice job on chop. Over 1,000 gallons of water a day for 2 people. Must be using lawn sprinklers or a swimming pool.

Funny Boy and Dog Escape The Flood

Boy and Dog Escape The Flood
Member reactions:
I like the sailboat and the bottle in your composition. Very nice picture.
Interesting idea. Not sure what this is saying.

Funny Abbey Road Flood

Abbey Road Flood
Member reactions:
Like the scary water rush on the streets good one
Great idea. I looks like the ocean is rushing in.
Truly one of the best. Added to my faves.

Funny Flood

Several days of heavy rains in England caused the river Thames to peak, as the country sees the worst flood in the last 60 years. Many areas of central and western England are under water forming small lakes, and leaving thousands of households without shelter. As the rains continue the flood is only expected to get worse this week. In the United States, smaller floods have been observed in Texas and the East coast. Your mission is to flood any famous "exterior" place or area. Entries may show flood shots above the water, as well as underwater, or you can even show both in one entry, similar to this example. Entries showing "interior" flooded areas will be accepted only if the exterior parts are also visible - e.g. a flooded room where you can also see the outside through the window, or broken wall.

Funny New England Floods

New England Floods
Show creative ways to fight or cope with floods in New England.

Funny Flood and Hurricane Proof Houses

Flood and Hurricane Proof Houses
Show how houses can be protected against flood and hurricane. Make them flood-proof or hurricane-proof. Images showing part of houses are also allowed, as well as images of mobile homes.

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